5 Line Multiplay

5 Line Multiplay
Screenshot 5 Line Multiplay

Yet Another Winning Slot Game Coming to You Courtesy of the Geniuses at Novomatic

With the crisp, clean graphics that players have come to expect from Novomatic—and the tantalizing tunes that herald a big win—5 Line Multiplay has emerged as a slot machine game to be reckoned with. Everything about this game is big, from the prizes to the fun images of fruit that grace only the best slots. There is a lot to love about this game, which is a non-stop joy from the moment you start playing.

So Spectacular, You Will Be Seeing Stars...Literally

Stars are among some of the sensational symbols you'll see on the reels when you play this game. Speaking of which, there happen to be three reels and five paylines for your ultimate pleasure. At any given time, you will be able to see nine icons up on the reels and you can customize bets to suit your fancy.

After all, this is your gaming experience and you should be the one to call the shots and decide just how much you'd like to bet. Wager big or wager small; either way, you're bound to be entertained during every part of the process.

Scatter Symbols and Wilds Make Everything Even More Enticing

With a high-paced kind of energy, 5 Line Multiplay may remind players of some of their other favourite slots. Whether you adore Autumn Queen, love Anubix or relish the thought of playing 4 Reel Kings again, this game is sure to become part of your playing portfolio. Since it boasts some of the universal features that slots players have admired so ardently over the years, this game has attracted a vast array of different fans.

Although the experience of playing Armadillo Artie or American Diner may seem very different, the common thread is the constant entertainment that these slots are able to provide. Fans of Aztec Power and Asian Attraction should also take notice, as these games are all truly delightful. Feel free to take a break from African Simba, Always Hot Cubes or Alchemist—and try out a magnificent new slot game that is steeped in all of the best older traditions.

A Transparent Slot Game that Only Wants You to Have Fun

Whenever you sit down for a session of 5 Line Multiplay, you never have to worry about where you stand. That's because this game is very clear, with rules and a paytable that players can immediately get behind. All throughout the game, there are little windows that can answer all of your burning questions about the slot.

From win lines to what it takes to get a bonus, there are no mysteries when you enjoy a round of 5 Line Multiplay—and there shouldn't be. Since this is your leisure time, it was very important to the Novomatic casino developers that it be treated with respect. When you are playing this sensational slot game, you will never be left out in the dark. And with all of the brightly-coloured graphics, it would actually be impossible for you to be!

The Joker Can Substitute for Any Symbol

There is no need to be intimidated when playing 5 Line Multiplay for the first time – just dive in and enjoy! Once you get the hang of it, you may want to set up Autoplay so you don't have to worry about spinning every time.

Every day, in every way, this game will bring you the ultimate slots entertainment that you cherish. There is no need to go anywhere else when you've got the magic of Multiplay on your side—and five lines within which you can achieve your ultimate goals of triumph.

Gamble? Collect? Keep Playing? It's All Up to You

Some games, such as 5 Line Multiplay, are for those who like to personalize and customize the gaming experience to suit their needs. And Novomatic is with these players every step of the way, setting up the system so that it runs smoothly whenever they would like to log in and go on a quest for their riches. When you are seeking out excitement, adventure and maybe even a little bit of a rush, 5 Line Multiplay can provide the spark that you need.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Although some players may hesitate to use the Gamble function, there is no reason why everyone shouldn't just go for it. After all, isn't the point of playing slots to allow yourself a bit of fun and exhilaration? When you employ the Gamble feature, you choose between black and red. Immediately, you will know whether or not you chose the correct colour. When you're in the midst of a heart-pounding 5 Line Multiplay round, there truly is no limit to how many thrills you can create.