4 Reel Kings

Screenshot 4 Reel Kings

Why Have Just One Reel When You Can Have Four?

At Novomatic Casino, the developers have always been all about providing options to players. With 4 Reel Kings, they have truly gone out of their way to create something special for all kinds of slots players. Whether you're new to the slots scene or you have been playing for a while, you've got to see this amazing game for yourself. Truly a feast for the eyes, 4 Reel Kings provides a unique new twist for the classic, retro fruit theme. With four riveting reels to watch, this slot game is the ultimate eye candy—without all the sugar.

Card Symbols, Cherries, Plums, Bags of Gold and More

Once you start to play this slot, you will be dazzled by the spread of fabulous fruit ready for your admiration. With Wilds thrown into the mix, you truly won't know what is going to happen next. The crisp, clean graphics and sassy sound effects pull you into the game, allowing you to explore multiple possibilities as you play. If you feel you have mastered the game and would like to keep it going at a rapid clip, why not set the Autoplay feature and forget about it?

Four Different Iterations of the 5X3 Grids that You Already Love

As soon as the magnificent music starts up, you will immediately get a sense for just how entrancing and hypnotic this game can actually be. With a paytable that explains everything to you in a clear fashion, you will feel reassured whenever you have questions about pay-outs. For those who enjoy an action-packed slot, 4 Reel Kings will not disappoint. Fans and frequent players of slots such as Always Hot Cubes, Aztec Power and Autumn Queen will quickly become fond of this slot, adding it to their repertoires as fast as they can. Those who appreciate 5 Line Multiplay and 5 Line Jokers may particularly enjoy all of the features they find with 4 Reel Kings. In a world filled with online casino games that tend to look similar sometimes, this is a sensational slot that truly stands out.

Bonus Games, Wilds and Lights Flashing with Fervour

This game is so original that it is even a departure from regular Novomatic casino games. When you activate the Gamble feature after a win, it will be up to you to click on the flashing lights at exactly the right time. If you manage to succeed in your quest, you will have doubled your win—not a hard day's work! While 4 Reel Kings does possess some of the classic features that keep you coming back for more, its newer options also provide a great deal of fun for the player. Making use of lights and sounds to trigger the bonus rounds, these fabulous features keep every person sharp and engaged throughout every riveting second that they play.

There's even a 500X Option on This Slot Game

For those who are always curious about the most exciting thing that could possibly happen while playing, this game boasts a 500X option. If your entire screen fills up with the money bag symbols, then you will know that it's time to celebrate! Winning two times, five times or ten times the stake is also a possibility. You'll never know how well it can go until you give it a try! Those who get a kick out of Bar 7s, Armadillo Artie, Amazing Stars, Asian Attraction and American Diner have definitely got to give it at least one shot. When you're looking for a classic game with twists that will provide that extra something spectacular, then it's time to play 4 Reel Kings.

Look Out for the Black Diamond on Bonus Games

Offering an astonishing number of ways to win, this sensational slot will light up your life with its inherent fabulousness. When you need a break in your day, there's nothing quite like this game to get it going in style. Also, you never know when the King is going to make an appearance on the reels. When he does, feel free to hoot and holler for joy. With the potential of re-spins being triggered, you will never be so happy to see royalty in front of your face. With 4 Reel Kings, there is always the possibility that you are going to see some of that royal magic dust rub off on you. Who needs King Midas when you've got the Reel King hanging around?

You may notice that Reel Kings is a game that is universally loved by both critics and frequent slots players. This is a very rare distinction, but it is not difficult to see why. After all, this slot game boasts a charismatic lead character and a backdrop filled with classic slot symbols—what's not to like? For those who get bored easily, the four reels provide a constant stream of action-packed excitement. This slot game truly has the "X factor" that makes all the difference. Speaking of the X factor, the multipliers also amp up its reputation as a hot game that people love to play. When you're on the quest for a royally real experience, you simply can't do better than 4 Reel Kings.