Novomatic RTP

What Is an RTP and What Does It Mean?

Novomatic RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’ and, more often than not, this is presented as a percentage. When you play games online for real money, you always have the chance to win! This is the reason why online slot games and online table games are so exhilarating to play.

Every time you load the game and place a bet, you wonder if this will be the day that Lady Luck will visit you! It can happen at any time and this is part and parcel of the excitement. Each game has its own specific RTP.

This is also true for different games from the same provider. Not all Novomatic games have the same RTP. Novomatic slot games tend to have RTPs of anywhere between 94% and 98%. Novomatic table games, on the other hand, have higher RTPs, even over 99%, when played with perfect strategy.

How do you reed an RTP percentage?

The RTP of a game is the amount of money that the game supplier pays back to online casino players. The total amount of bets placed by all players is 100%. The percentage paid back of the 100% lays in between 94% and 99%.

For example, if a Novomatic slot has a game with an RTP of 95%, Novomatic pays back £95 out of £100 to the players. Your bet size does not ordinarily affect the RTP of a game. The Novomatic RTP is calculated over millions of bets and over a longer period of time. That's exactly why you don't receive exactly 95% back during a play session. Luckily, because all excitement would be gone.

This means, from gameplay session to gameplay session, the RTP will vary – even on the same game. In other words, two players who are playing the very same game on the same day, may experience different RTPs to one another during their game sessions. Similarly, one person playing a certain game on one day, may encounter a different RTP when they play the same game on another day.

Book of Ra Deluxe RTP

Take Book of Ra Deluxe, for example. This is arguably Novomatic’s most famous and most popular online video slot. The average RTP for Book of Ra Deluxe is 94.26%. Theoretically, for every £100 players bet on Book of Ra Deluxe, the slot will return £94.26 as wins.

However, this doesn’t mean that every player who bets £100 on this game will get £94.26 back. Instead, it means that, on average, the slot pays out 94.26% of all bets placed.

One player may bet £100 and receive £30 back in wins. His/her RTP would be 30%. Another player, or the same player on a different day or a different game session, may bet £100 and receive £250 back in wins. His/her RTP would work out at 250%. Sometimes players will win, sometimes they will lose. The official RTP of the slot game is a long-term average.

RTP variety

How much the RTP varies from one game session to the next will depend on the variance or volatility of the slot. On high volatility slots, players will experience a greater difference in RTP between game sessions.

Compared to low volatility slots, slots with high variance are riskier to play, in the sense that they are much less predictable in terms of payouts. On a low volatility Novomatic slot, you win more often. However, wins are lower. As you spin the reels of a low volatility slot, you will more than likely receive small wins every other spin or every few spins.

Contrastingly, high volatility Novomatic slots pay less frequently but wins are much higher. You may lose spin after spin after spin, or go a whole game session (or several game sessions) without seeing a win. Although, when you do win on a high volatility slot, you will win big!

Best Return to Player Percentages for Novomatic Games

Choosing whether to play a high volatility slot or a low volatility slot is all a matter of preference. If you’re unsure, you can always try a few of each. That way, you’ll get a better idea of what sort of slots you’d like to play. Whichever type of slot you choose, it’s always the case that the higher the RTP of a slot (or any game, for that matter) the better.

It’s beneficial to choose the games with the highest RTPs available, as they pay out more money to players. On a slot with an RTP of 97% for example, 97% of the money placed in bets are back as wins. The remaining 3% is the ‘house edge’. Don’t forget that all RTPs are theoretical and based on an average and even over millions of bets.

Novomatic are a great games provider. They are very honest; all of the RTP percentages of their games are easily accessible. Not all providers are so forthcoming with their payout percentages. To view the RTP of any game, you need to open the paytable. Usually, there is a button labelled ‘Paytable’, which you can click to open it.

However, sometimes the button will just display a question mark. Along with the RTP of a game, the Paytable also displays win amounts and paylines. The payout percentage is usually written on the last page, so scroll through the pages to find the official RTP of the game. When you are playing at a Novomatic casino, this will come in handy. You can see the RTPs for the Novomatic slots that the casino offers and choose the game that gives the best return to player rate!

Highest Return to Player Percentages for Novomatic Slots

Novomatic are notorious for their slot games. The Novomatic Group do make online table games and live casino games, too. However, their slots are what they’re known for! Every online casino game developer has that one game that they are famous for. For NetEnt, that’s Starburst; for MicroGaming, that award goes to Immortal Romance; and for Novomatic, the star of the show is Book of Ra. Interestingly enough, Book of Ra is not the slot from Novomatic that offers the highest return to player percentage. The RTP for this enchanting Egyptian slot is just over 94%, which is very acceptable. In fact, that’s pretty average for a Novomatic slot. Despite being so infamous, there are a multitude of Novomatic slots that offer much higher return to player statistics than Book of Ra.

Best Novomatic RTP slots

The Novomatic slots with the best payouts have RTPs that can reach 98%! Two of the highest-paying Novomatic slot games are Gorilla and Jackpot Diamonds. Gorilla offers an RTP of up to 97.10% and the RTP for Jackpot Diamonds is up to 97.07%.


This Novomatic slot is a 5-reel jungle-themed slot game. It’s very colourful and tropical! The dangerous-looking gorilla will remind you of King Kong. In Gorilla, you can win Free Games which come with extra Wild symbols. You can easily re-trigger the Free Games in this Novomatic slot, which can make for some mammoth winning streaks! You can play Gorilla for real money at All British Casino and Fun Casino.

Jackpot Diamonds

Jackpot Diamonds, on the other hand, is a very different sort of slot. Like Gorilla, it has 5 reels, but the game and the symbols are much simpler. The symbols in Jackpot Diamonds are all gemstones with different colours and different shapes. There are two different jackpots you can win in this slot game. It also comes with a bonus feature called ‘Lock & Spin’. For the big wins and the jackpots, you need to fill your screen with matching gems and this feature helps you by locking in matching symbols! You can get the highest RTP in Jackpot Diamonds by playing in Hi-Roller mode.

Top RTP Novomatic Table Games

While Novomatic might not be known for their online table games, it doesn’t mean that they’re not good quality! As a matter of fact, the table games made by Novomatic are excellent. They don’t have a boundless portfolio of table games. In this regard, they focus on quality and not quantity. On the whole, table games tend to offer higher RTPs than slot games. This is true of the majority of game providers, including Novomatic.

Having said that, getting the maximum RTP when playing a Table Game will rely somewhat on strategy and skill, as well as luck. Whereas, with a slot game, it’s all about luck! Spinning the reels doesn’t take any skill at all, and the slots inbuilt RNG (Random Number Generator) will determine the random outcome of each spin.

Therefore, unlike the case is with table games, the RTPs displayed for slot games are not contingent on a player playing with any skill or a perfect strategy.

In comparison, when it comes to table games, the top return to player percentage can only be assumed when a player plays with perfect strategy. The worse a player’s strategy, the lower the RTP. Of course, as is the case with slots, there is also a big element of luck involved, too!

You can read many guides online to help you improve your table game strategy. Every online table game, be it Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or Baccarat, can be played using a strategy.

Learning how to play and reading some guides will help you know when to bet, when to fold and when to cash out. You’ll want to brush up on your skills to gain the high RTPs from Novomatic’s top table games!

Lux Blackjack and Royal Crown Blackjack are the best RTP Novomatic table games. Both of these table games offer a payout percentage of 99.6%. Blackjack Casino also has an RTP of over 99%. Other high RTP Novomatic table games are: Vegas Roulette, Multiball Roulette and Lux Roulette, with RTPs of over 97% each.

Novomatic RTP FAQ

Novomatic or Greentube offers casino operators a choice then it comes to their games. The casino operator can decide which RTP they wish to offer most of their games at.
There is not one casino that offers all the Novomatic or Greentube games at the highest RTP. We recommend you have a look at the Top 4 casino on our site as RTP is one of the factors we have looked at when compiling the list.
The Novomatic game with the highest RTP are the following; Gorilla and Knights Quest. These can be set to 97.10%.
This depends on how large the RTP difference is; as when there is only a percent difference then NO, the gameplay will not be felt, but if this is a few percent then Yes, it will be felt during the gameplay.
No, there are plenty of game providers that offer operators a choice when putting the games live in their casinos.