Vampire Fortunes

Vampire Fortunes
Screenshot Vampire Fortunes

A Satanic Slot with a Ginormous Jackpot

Vampires have been a part of folklore and legend for many, many hundreds of years. In cultures all over the world, vampires have been or still are believed in. Every culture has its own theory on how vampires are created and how they must be killed!

Vampires also come up in literature and fiction a lot and have done since the 19th century. Dracula is probably the most famous vampire story in history! Now, vampires are a popular theme for slot games!

In addition to Vampire Fortunes, these are the other games from Novomatic casino that are based on a similar, dark theme: Spooky House, Bloody Love and Empire V. Vampire Fortunes has something that these other bloodsucking slots don’t have – Vampire Fortunes has a jackpot!

The background of the reels is a matte black, which makes the colourful symbols stand out a lot more. The backdrop to the game, however, is a lovely red colour. The treasure chest on top of the reels is filled with bright, golden coins! The light from the chest lights up the whole game.

It particularly highlights the four jackpot amounts! The mini and minor jackpots are smaller, fixed amounts. The major and the grand jackpots are much, much bigger! These are the progressive pots that pay out the big bucks. Enough to buy a mansion fit for Dracula himself.

Symbols That Are Worth Fortunes

All of the symbols in Vampire Fortunes are designed to look like they’re made out of jewels! The materials used include: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts and lots and lots of pure gold! There’s a tradition, in many slots from Novomatic, that no matter what the theme, they always include some of the same symbols. Card values often appear as symbols in Novomatic slots and video slots. Normally it’s the highest cards in the deck!

In Vampire Fortunes, there are six symbols from a deck of cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9. The other symbols have much more to do with vampires! No, there’s no garlic or stakes. That’s because these vampires don’t work for Satan – these vampires are on your side to help you get the jackpot. Especially the sexy brunette vampire. She’s dressed in a unique, hooded outfit made from silver thread.

The other picture symbols on the reels are: a sapphire bat, an emerald potion, an amethyst ring and a golden chalice. Probably what these vampires drank their blood from! Vampire Fortunes is an allplay slot game.

Any combination of three or more matching symbols will pay – as long as they fall on consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel. Every symbol has a 3-match payout, a 4-match payout and a 5-match payout. The card symbol payouts are lower than the payouts of the other symbols.

Win a Fortune with the Vampire Fortunes Jackpot

The very sexy vampire awards the highest payouts but there’s one symbol that’s even more valuable! While you spin the reels and chase the fortune, you should keep your eyes open for the bonus symbol. This looks quite like a crystal ball!

The 3-match, 4-match and 5-match payouts for this symbol are higher than any other symbol in the game! Plus, in addition to a payout, this symbol also awards 10 Free Spins. They’re not just any old Free Spins, they’re special! They’re extraordinary because only the high-paying symbols appear on the reels for the spins.

The card symbols all but vanish from the reels! The Bonus symbol isn’t the only symbol you’ll want to be looking out for! There are two Wild symbols in this jackpot game and either of them can help you win the jackpot! The Wild symbols only land on reels 2, 3 and 4. One is blue and the other is red.

They can both help to get payouts by substituting for any of the other symbols if it will award a win. The red wild, unlike the blue one, also doubles any win it completes! A golden coin will be added to the treasure chest for every wild symbol that lands on the reels. If this golden coin fills up the chest, the jackpot game will be triggered! You then have the power to win one of the four jackpots – depending on which jewels you choose. Match up three and the jackpot with the same jewel will be all yours!