Snake Rattle & Roll

Snake Rattle & Roll
Screenshot Snake Rattle & Roll

The Slot That Will Charm the Pants Off You

Snake charming has been practised for hundreds of years. It’s common in parts of India, other parts of Asia and even north Africa! Snake charmers often carry around their snakes in a basket, which they place in front of them when they are performing.

After opening the lid, the snake charmer plays his special instrument, called a pungi, to lure the snake from the basket! The snake appears to be hypnotised by the snake charmer’s music.

In Snake Rattle & Roll, it’s you who will be hypnotised by the snake charmer. Mostly he sits to the side of the reels being lazy, snoring and farting, but every so often he wakes up and plays his pungi. He lures Wild snakes out of the basket and drops them on the reels.

On top of Wild symbols, Snake Rattle & Roll has Scatters that can trigger special features and Free Spins! Although the slot doesn’t have the highest RTP percentage, it’s certainly not stingy. At just over 95%, the payout is average for a Novomatic video slot.

It’s a really awesome video slot with a cool theme. A lot of slots can be repetitive or just like many others but Snake Rattle & Roll is totally unique. The graphics are cartoony and fun and the theme is great!

All the special features, bonus games and free spins will keep you amused for ages. There’s even a jackpot which you can win! It’s not a massive progressive jackpot, like some other slots have, but it’s a substantial amount that can go up to thousands!

Serpents and Symbols

Over these 5 reels, the majority of the symbols are values from playing cards. There’s a yellow 10, a green Jack, a purple Queen, a blue King and a red Ace. These make up the bulk of the symbols.

The other two ordinary symbols are the red, coiled-up rattlesnake and the ‘Snake Rattle & Roll’ logo symbol. Keep an eye on the first three reels as this is where you’ll get the majority of the payouts! That’s because the 20 winlines pay one way and you need at least 3 of the same symbol to fall on one or more winlines consecutively from the leftmost reel to get the minimum payout.

Higher payouts are given for four and five consecutive matches. The Wild symbol is a red raddle snake and this appears on the reels with the help of the snake charmer.

Every so often, he will wake up from his lazy rest and start to play his pungi. You’ll see some magical musical notes floating on the reels and then the Wild snakes will be charmed onto the reels. These can fall horizontally or vertically and take up to five positions or a whole reel!

More than one Wild snake can appear. In fact, the Wild snakes can cover all of the reels. This snake charming feature often gives out really big wins.

Snakes & Ladders, Free Spins and the Jackpot

In Snake Rattle & Roll, you can actually play Snakes and Ladders for Free Spins and other rewards! This bonus game is triggered when you roll 3, 4 or 5 dice Scatter symbols. The bonus game is exactly like the real snakes and ladders board game!

The number of dice Scatter symbols you roll will be the number of rolls you will have during the bonus game. Instead of spinning the rules, you press ‘Start’ to roll the dice! The first roll is the most important roll of them all as it’s when you can win the jackpot!

Snake Eyes appear on your first roll, you will have the chance to roll all the way to the jackpot with the help of the snake charmer! You will then move along the board according to your dice roll.

Depending where you land on the board, you can pick up different rewards such as: extra dice rolls, more Free Spins, cash prizes or extra Free Spins Wilds. Once you’ve used up all of your dice rolls, the Snakes and Ladders game will end and your Free Spins will start!

You can choose three different types of Free Spins: yellow (20 win lines), blue (40 win lines) and red (50 win lines). The Wilds you collected during your Snakes and Ladders game will be added to the reels and then you will be able to play out the number of Free Spins you collected!