Myth of Medusa Gold

Myth of Medusa Gold
Screenshot Myth of Medusa Gold

25 Win Lines and a Jackpot

This slot features the ancient Greek myth of Medusa as told by Novomatic! The designers of this game have taken this story from ancient Greek mythology and have turned it into a stunning new slot game. Rumour has it that Medusa was once a beautiful woman with wings.

Poseidon fell in love with her and she fell pregnant with twins. A jealous Athena heard about this and punished Medusa.

As a punishment, Athena turned Medusa into a monstrous-looking lady whose hair she also transformed into serpents. This is the Medusa that most of us know and the one that Novomatic has chosen to celebrate in this slot game. Although she isn’t depicted as an ugly lady, she’s actually very beautiful in this slot! It’s the serpents on her head that look unfriendly, to be honest.

twins were Pegasus and his brother, and they emerged from Medusa’s body when she was beheaded by Perseus. Myth of Medusa Gold has 25 win lines and 5 reels.

Pegasus features as a symbol, along with some ancient Greek artefacts and some high card values. It’s a very classic-looking Novomatic casino game. Autoplay is available but there is no gamble option. Myth of Medusa Gold has free spins with sticky wilds and a jackpot up for grabs! Check it out at your favourite Novomatic casino now!

Symbols That Bring Ancient Greece Back to Life

It’s all well and good reading about the past but it’s much harder to imagine it. This is especially true of the ancient world, as limited evidence remains from this time. If you are into ancient history, it will be great fun for you to play ancient slots from Novomatic.

They bring history alive at the same time as giving you an opportunity to win big! Myth of Medusa Gold is a magnificently designed slot game. Along with the backdrop and the reels, you can get an idea of what life was like in ancient Greece from the authentic symbols. As you spin the 5 reels, you will come across ancient Greek vases, helmets and characters and creatures from Greek mythology.

These picture symbols are the symbols which can get you the biggest payouts! There are 25 win lines in Myth of Medusa and the more symbols you match up on win lines, the more money you will win.

Even though Myth of Medusa Gold is an ancient Greek themed game, it’s still a casino game after all. For this reason, Novomatic have added some classic casino elements into the game. For one, the lower-paying symbols in the game are card values.

This is typical of a Novomatic slot! Another classic addition is the paytable, which you can open at any time to view the rules and payout amounts for each symbol.

How to Win the Jackpot in Myth of Medusa Gold

In this low volatility slot, you can win free spins and a big jackpot! Myth of Medusa Gold has two bonus symbols: a Scatter symbol and a Wild symbol. Medusa herself is the Wild symbol and she can substitute for other symbols to help you get payouts!

During the free games, Medusa is extra special, too. To win 7 free games, you need to get 2 scatter symbols. During the normal game, if the reels stop and there are 2 scatter symbols in view (anywhere on the reels), you will get 7 free games! Medusa turns red during Free Spins!

Red Medusa is a sticky Wild symbol which means that any Red Medusa symbols that fall on the reels during the free games will stay in place. The more of these you spin, the higher the chances that you will get a winning combination. The only symbol the Red Medusa can’t replace is the Mirror symbol. The Mirror symbol is very special and will only land on reel 3.

A mirror is what Perseus used to kill Medusa as legend had it that anyone who looked at her directly would turn to stone. When the mirror symbol appears on the reels, all wins are paid out and then you get a special payout!

In addition to a special Mirror symbol payout, you can also get the jackpot in the free games. To win the Medusa jackpot, you need to get 6 jackpot ‘overlay’ symbols which will appear on reels 2 or 4. You don’t have to get them all on one spin as you can collect them during the free games.