Garden of Riches

Screenshot Garden of Riches

It's Like Stepping into the Garden of Eden

When you're looking for a slot that plays upon the senses in a vibrantly visual way, it's all about Garden of Riches. This incredible game will remind you of all the finer things in life, and its capacity to dazzle the senses cannot be overestimated. Feast your eyes on the stunning scenery, and allow yourself to picture what your own personal heaven would look like; chances are that this is it! With the lush greenery providing a brilliant backdrop, chances are that Garden of Riches will become one of your favourite new games.

Players of All Types Will Want to Step into this Gorgeous Garden

Perfect for all kinds of players, Garden of Riches has been praised by both beginners and seasoned slots veterans alike. It doesn't matter if you usually play other slots such as Golden Cobras, Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row, Fabulous Fruits or Fairy Queen; the chances are excellent that you are going to love this game from the moment you set eyes upon it. The jazzy jewel tones of the playing card symbols will set the reels on fire and you will fall in love with all of the new characters you meet along the way.

10 Terrific Paylines and Five Fabulous Reels to Adorn this Gorgeous Garden

With the epic, marvellous music and spectacular sound effects playing in the background, there is a good possibility that you will immediately be swept up in this glamorous game. From the emerald ring to the enticing characters on screen, this is a slot that provides endless joy. After all, who wouldn't want to go into a garden and stumble upon all of these extraordinary jewels?

Play One Payline or Play Them All: The Choice Is Yours!

No idyllic garden would be complete without the opportunity to make your own decisions, so it's worthwhile to note that Garden of Riches allows you to dictate the terms of how you play. It's no wonder that this gorgeous game has racked up many slots aficionados, winning praise from frequent players of games including Cupid's Arrow, Helena, and even Fates and Furies. It turns out that everyone wants to have the chance to make their dreams happen!

Scatters and Wilds Galore—Plus More

Keep an eye out for the golden lady while you play, as her presence could herald an impressive win. Matching up several of the handsome men will also be in your favour, and you won't want to count out those playing card symbols, either. Indeed, the genius team at Novomatic casino didn't hold back on the creativity when they developed this game. Infused with both beauty and bells and whistles, its daring charm will always be admired.
Those who like playing Fire Starter, Flame Dancer and Happy Fruits are bound to get a jolt from playing this galvanizing game.

A New Spin on the Gamble Option

With most Novomatic games, you'll choose either red or black when you select the gamble feature. This slot, however, is different. Presenting you with 11 steps that will give you the chance to increase your winnings astronomically, this fantastic feature tends to be quite popular with players. After all, when the ultimate prize contains the potential to multiply your initial win by a thousand times, you know you're playing a great game!

Press the Amazing Autostart Button to Enjoy the Garden's Riches Even More

When you're in the midst of a super exciting game, the last thing you'll want to do is keep pressing the start button. Luckily for you, the Autostart button exists in order to serve at your bidding, placing your wagers automatically. You can even think about it as a garden gnome of sorts, working for your best interests every step of the way.

A Pretty Pillow and So Many Other Striking Symbols

If you play Garden of Riches, chances are that you will become consumed with all of the fun features that this slot showcases. Whether you're after free spins or the chance to check out some charming visuals, you will undoubtedly be pleased by this game. Step into a garden that will keep you endlessly amused and walk amongst the ravishing riches. The sight of the golden rose is sure to get a rise out of you, as is the winning combination of the beautiful woman and handsome man.

Astounding Sound Effects and the Potential to Make Some Major Moves

When you're playing Garden of Riches, there is no mistaking the sweet sounds that you'll unlock. It's no wonder that this game has appealed to all types of slot players. Both amateurs and experts have flocked to this slot online, citing all of the exceptional, exquisite features and enjoying the opulent opportunities. With each turn of the reels, adventure awaits around every corner.

Do a Little Dance as You Enjoy Your Time in the Garden

If you become enthusiastic while playing, don't be surprised. Garden of Riches has a way of extracting lots of excitement out of everyone who spins these reels. With pristine pleasures just a click away, every second playing this slot can provide massive amounts of meaning. The only way to know what will happen is to enter the garden and start playing now!