Fruits ‘n Sevens

Fruits n Sevens
Screenshot Fruits 'n Sevens

The Ultimate Confectionary Combo When It Comes to Slots

Although you have probably mixed fruit in with your desserts and ice cream before, this might be the first time that you've seen in combined with the lucky number seven! Full of all kinds of fabulous fruits, this is one game that contains the perfect amount of sweetness! With a savoury twist on a casino constant—those fabulous fruits and sassy sevens—this sensational slot game stands poised to win over your heart.

Five Paylines, Five Reels...Lots of Ways to Win!

One of the best parts of this game is the fact that the bright, bold colours practically pop off of the screen. When it comes to scoring, the sevens will put you in the prettiest position. Following suit are the watermelons, apples, kiwis, cherries, lemons, plums and oranges. Just press the start button and see what happens!

You Choose the Number of Bets Per Line in Fruits 'n Sevens

On the bottom of the left side of the screen, you will see where you can adjust your wager and put the game in gear. If you happen to have any questions about how your particular bets will play out, simply click on the paytable button and see how your favourite combinations mix with one another. Who needs a fruit smoothie or a juice when you can play Fruits n Sevens?

Another Brilliant Game from Novomatic Casino

Indeed, Fruits n Sevens is the perfect kind of game for both beginners and those who have been playing slots for a long time. Whether you usually play Fabulous Fruits, Fruits 'n Royals or Happy Fruits, the chances are excellent that you are going to adore this spectacular slot. Frequent fans of Fruit Fest, Fruit Sensation and Fruit Fortune have developed a particular affinity for the game. If you have played Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row, Dutch Fortune. Dr. Enlarge O or Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, then you already know just how incredibly fun these Novomatic casino games can be.

The Fruit in Fruits n Sevens Wants to Be Peeled!

When you want the reels to start spinning as fast as they possibly can, it's time to hit the handy Autoplay option and see what kind of marvellous magic unfolds as the game progresses without the inconvenience of hitting the Start button each time. With the bright colours and classic sound effects, you may even feel as if you're back in Las Vegas in the 1950s. Providing good old-fashioned fun, Fruits n Sevens is all about pleasing the player with endless amusements. You'll have the ability to adjust the volume on the upper right sight of the reels—and if you happen to score some wins, this game isn't shy about letting you know it.

Want to Supercharge Your Session? Hit the "Turbo" Option

Advanced players who want to get in some lightning-fast action will want to click on the Turbo feature. Offering players the ability to make the reels launch off like a rocket, this amazing option is just one way to make the game even more engaging than it already is. Not many slot games can boast a similar feature, so it's truly an impressive part of Fruits n Sevens.

Want to Parlay Your Winnings Into Even More Action? Click the Gamble Option

Like so many other wonderful games from Novomatic, this slot also offers a gamble button. Providing players with the express opportunity to increase their winnings, this feature offers an easy way to ramp up your triumphs even further. Simply stop the flashing light in this slot and the game will reveal whether or not your attempt was successful. For those who are interested in pursuing this even further, the slot even offers you the chance to keep participating in different levels of the gamble feature. High rollers and others who aren't afraid to be bold may be generously rewarded as they advance in the different levels.

Fruits 'n Sevens brings Fruity Fun and the Luck of the Number Seven

For those who like to play with gusto and get in their daily allotment of fruit, this slot game offers you so many ways to score some big-time bonanzas. It's the perfect way to enjoy a little escape from every day cares and this slot will transport you back to a time and place in which all that mattered was the sights and sounds of the casino. With classic, refined iconography and the sound effects to match, Fruits n Sevens has redefined a beloved game and taken it to the next level.

Those Spectacular Sevens Can Bring You the Best of Luck

Ideal for those who love to see some fantastic fruit in their slot games, as well as those who always welcome the lucky number seven, this game possesses an amazing aesthetic that is hard to come by these days. It's no wonder that so many players have become hooked on all of the dazzling details of this game. There's never a dull moment when you're playing Fruits n Sevens, which has been infused with the fresh fabulousness of tasty fruit—and the luck of a number that has been adored and admired for centuries. Supplying the sugar rush that you have been craving, Fruits n Sevens is an endlessly entertaining slot that is loved by many.