From Dusk till Dawn

Screenshot From Dusk till Dawn

A Slot You Can Play All Night Long

You can really take the name of this slot game literally. There is so much going on in this slot, you could end up playing it from dusk till dawn! This Novomatic slot doesn’t just have one bonus feature, like numerous other slots, it has several!

When you play this video slot, you’ll have the opportunity to get win spins, win multipliers, free spins and much, much more. The bonuses are varied and vampirific!

From Dusk till Dawn is one of the Novomatic jackpot slots that’s based on the movie of the same name. The movie stars George Clooney, Juliette Lewis and Quentin Tarantino, amongst a whole host of other a-list names. Some of the most notorious parts of this movie include George Clooney’s neck tattoo and Salma Hayek’s sexy snake dance. Both of these do feature in the game as symbols.

Blood spatters the reels, and there are 5 of them in total. From Dusk till Dawn has 50 paylines, which is a lot more than the majority of other slot games made by Novomatic. As shown in the paytable, this Novomatic slot offers an RTP of exactly 95%.

The aspect that draws the most players to this game is the jackpot! Well, actually there are two jackpots: the Dusk jackpot and the Dawn jackpot. The sky glows a lovely pink in the background of this slot. It could be either time of day!

Symbols Evocative of the Movie

From Dusk till Dawn has a wealth of symbols that show up on the reels. Half of these symbols are very evocative of the movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez. These include: Quentin Tarantino, aka Richard Gecko; George Clooney, aka Seth Gecko; Juliette Lewis, aka Kate Fuller; and Harvey Keitel, aka Jacob Fuller.

There’s also a Mercury Cougar (yellow car) and a Mexico road sign. The additional symbols represent the casino element of this slot game. These are the card values: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The actor/character symbols offer 2x match payouts. All symbols offer 3x match, 4x match and 5x match payouts.

There’s a red wild symbol and this can act as a Wild for all symbols in the game except the Scatter symbols. The Scatter symbol is a neon light sign reading ‘Bonus Twister Scatter’. 3 of these symbols anywhere in the screen triggers the Bonus Twister! When you spin a set of winning symbols, you’ll know!

The paylines reveal themselves using smoke and bats. You can only collect your wins in this game. Unfortunately and unusually for Novomatic slot games, From Dusk till Dawn doesn’t have a gamble option.

Bonuses in From Dusk till Dawn

There are three bonuses, other than the Bonus Twister, that can happen at any time! You don’t have to spin any special symbols to trigger these bonuses. They will be triggered randomly as you play. They’re cool as they give you some extra chances to win.

On The Run Bonus involves the getaway car racing across the reels and adding extra Wilds. Everybody Be Cool Bonus changes all other actor/character symbols to George ‘Seth Gecko’ Clooney. The Cash Explosion Bonus will multiply your wins for a spin by up to x25! The minimum multiplier you get for this bonus is x5, which is still very high!

The Bonus Twister, the bonus that’s triggered by the Scatter symbol, is wonderfully exciting. You get to spin the Bonus Twister Wheel and win a prize. The prize can be some cash or another bonus! These are the Dancing Bonus and the Mugshot Bonus.

The From Dusk Till Dawn Dancing Bonus awards 10 Free Games with new symbols, a sexy Wild symbol and xtra stacked symbols. These symbols are: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs, dice, dominos, bourbon, a snake and Danny Trejo, aka Razor Charlie. The Mugshot Bonus involves mugshots of Seth and Richie Gecko. With this bonus, you could win up to 5000x your bet!