Elven Princess

Screenshot Elven Princess

It's a Rare Type of Royalty

Who hasn't dreamed of all the mystical, magical creatures that live in the woodland? When you play Elven Princess, you are given the extraordinary opportunity to experience all the wonder and joy of the forest—without even having to set foot outside of your home.

The beautiful elven princess herself, as well as all of the kooky creatures in the woods, is more than willing to help you escape into their magnificent mysterious land. Although you may be more familiar with other Novomatic casino games, such as Crazy Slots, Cupid's Arrow and Cops 'n Robbers Millionaires Row, there is something so entrancing about this slot that you won't be able to resist falling under its spell immediately.

A Sensational Scatter Symbol that Resembles a Crystal Ball

You never know what kinds of interesting people you may find out in the middle of the forest and once you catch a glimpse of the gorgeous crystal ball that serves as the scatter symbol, you may be on the lookout for wonderful witches and the like. Truly, Elven Princess is a slot game in which anything can happen.

Those who have enjoyed Dazzling Diamonds, Helena and Golden Ark will want to get in on this action as soon as they can. As with so many other Novomatic games, it never fails to deliver gripping graphics and hypnotic sound effects that only intensify your experience. Pull up a chair and indulge in the splendour of the natural world, which is only enhanced by all of the mythical, marvellous creatures that inhabit the hidden land.

Majestic Unicorns, Marvellous Mushrooms and More

If you've had experience playing Cops N Robbers, Diamond Street and Dragons Deep, chances are that you are going to fall madly in love with this game. Ideal for both newbies and experts alike, this game is likely to light your wild soul on fire. With bright purples, reds and greens abound, the colours alone are enough to knock your socks off.

Even the fonts of the playing card symbols are something special and if you are lucky enough to come into some fortune, then you're going to adore the spectacular sound effects. There's something inherently alluring about this slot game, which beckons you into another world and welcomes you to stay there amongst all of the flora and fauna.

Free Spins and Fun in the Forest

When you're in the midst of playing this intriguing game, you may find that you get an opportunity to forage for some free spins. Your senses will delight in the whirlwind of activity that follows, as well as the flurry of extraordinary sounds. This is a slot game that invites you to believe in the power of magic, then follows up on the promise with a delightful display of characters.

When the leading lady, the wonderfully winsome Elven Princess herself, makes her grand debut on the reels, you'll realize just how fantastical and fabulous this slot truly is.

Five Reels and up to 40 Paylines

When you're playing Elven Princess, you possess the ability to determine how and when the game will proceed. Select the stakes that seem most agreeable to you, then spin the reels to see what happens in this magically majestic environment. With all of the creatures in the woodland on your side—and the capacity to choose how much you will wager—the sky is the limit when it comes to how much fun you can have.

Allow Yourself to Simply Enjoy the Game—Press Autostart

When you're in the midst of all these magical beings, the last thing you'll want to do is keep pressing the start button over and over again. Luckily, Elven Princess features a handy Autostart button. Once you click on this option, you can automate your reel spinning so that all you have to do is enjoy the game! This is your time, so use it wisely

. Embrace all of the sights and sounds that you see while watching the riveting reels spin for the first time; allow yourself to fall under the spell that the princess has created especially for you. With her pointy ears, she has a distinct way of bringing you luck.

Look at all of the lovely leaves—and the other sensational scenery—and breathe in all that goodness. Even if you're sitting in your own living room, you'll swear that you smell pine trees and marvellous mists.

Take a Gander at Your Fortune with the Gamble Button

If the Elven Princess and her friends in the forest have brought you some good luck, then you may want to leverage it and see what else you can find.

Hitting the gamble option will enable you to possibly parlay your wonderful winnings into something even bigger. After all, if you're ever going to experience some magic while playing a slot, then it will probably occur while you're playing a game that is rooted in fabulous fantasy and fiery fun.

Elven Princess allows you to unlock all of the sweet secrets of the woodland while also pursuing your goal of achieving the ultimate elven accomplishment. When you're looking to inject some woodsy wonderment and mysticism into your slot game repertoire, you will definitely want to give Elven Princess a shot.