Diamond Street

Screenshot Diamond Street

Take a Stroll Down This Spectacular Street and Behold the Bling!

Are diamonds your friends, or are they truly your best friends? Diamond Street is a slot game that endeavours to answer this eternal question, once and for all. After all, we know that these gems are something special. Forged in the crust of the earth, they sparkle like no other element on the planet. Perhaps this is why beautiful things are said to shine bright like a diamond.

Diamond Street Is an Address You Will Never Want to Leave

Making you feel as if you're in a jewellery store or other similarly well-stocked gemstone emporium, this game is a constant source of fun and entertainment. The diamond ring itself sparkles and shines and you may even wonder whether it's an engagement ring. Some of the other innovative, engaging icons include a loose diamond, some eclectic earrings, an amazing emerald necklace and a purse.

The bonus symbol itself resembles a bank vault, which should be appealing to those who are always wondering about where to stash their most gorgeous gems. However, this isn't just any vault–it turns out that even this feature boasts a sparkling stone in the middle. There's also a beautiful watch that is decked out in diamonds, in addition to the captivating card symbols that you will usually see in slot games.

Press the Gamble Button and See What Happens

On Diamond Street, the regular rules don't apply. You may stumble upon some amazing opportunities that you wouldn't find anywhere else, so chances are that you will want to pay close attention while playing this game. Sporting 15 symbols and a ten terrific paylines, this slot succeeds at providing players with the ultimate experience. Because the stake range is so wide, this slot game is ideal for both newer players and those who possess lots of experience.

Another Brilliant Game from the Dazzling Designers at Novomatic Casino

There is no doubt that this game has been conceived and built by people who truly appreciate the allure of gorgeous gemstones—and it shows. With each new spin of the reels, you will see why it has attracted such a following. Frequent players of Dutch Fortune, Cupid's Arrow, Crazy Slots, Helena, and Cops N Robbers Millionaires Row have all professed their admiration for the game. Those who appreciate slot games that are centred on gemstones have also staked their claim on this marvellous game. Fans of Gemstone Jackpot, Diamonds of Fortune, Faust, Dazzling Diamonds and Golden X Casino will jump at the chance to play this glittering game.

With Free Spins and Bombastic Bonuses at Stakes, You'll Want to Play Now

Like Easy Street, just about everything is better on Diamond Street. Let the infusion of gems work on your spirit and revel in the remarkable feeling of being free and easy. There's so much to love about this slot, starting with the striking sound effects and vibrant visuals. The more you play, the more it's likely that you will develop a deep affection for this game.

Keep an Eye Out for the Gemmologist

As far as originality goes, it would be difficult to come up with another game that boasts as much uniqueness as Diamond Street does. One of the symbols, for instance, contains a jeweller inspecting a gem! No other slot boasts such intricate and detailed icons. This is just one of the ways in which people can see how obvious it is that Diamond Street is truly unique.

The Bonus Game: Unlock This Feature for Fun Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

When players get to know Diamond Street, they always tend to fall hard for the bonus game. If this special feature happens to activate, then you'll be presented with an array of boxes that contain gems. In addition to the gems, however, they may also include free spins and more fun. Talk about a treasure trove!

The fun doesn't stop until you receive the "Collect" symbol—and then it starts up all over again with your free spins. This delightful game doesn't know when to stop, which is why it provides endless entertainment. With so many exquisite, elegant features, it's no wonder players keep coming back to it.

Questions? Click on the Handy Paytable

With so many sensational symbols in play, you may be curious to see how they all combine. Simply click on the paytable to get your answer. With a succinct, visual explanation of how the game works, you'll be able to decide how much—or how little—you'd like to stake. The choice is completely yours!

Feast your eyes on the Autoplay button if you want to take things to the next level, automating play so that you don't have to hit the start button every time you want to get the game going. This fabulous feature allows you to enjoy the slot without any interruptions, permitting you to cruise toward even more fun—and wonderful winnings.

Every session of playing Diamond Street will be memorable; in fact, it is so exciting that you may feel as if you have robbed a jeweller store! With glittering jewels and gems stashed around every corner, this is one street that you'll want to stay on for as long as possible.