Amazing Stars

Screenshot Amazing Stars

Don't Let This Be a Starry-Eyed Surprise: Try Amazing Stars Today

Although the star symbol often makes an appearance on the reels of big-time slot games, it could be said that this icon may be the unsung hero of the slot world. Indeed, it seems as if the number seven and the Bar symbol garner a great deal of attention, while the star languishes on the reels by its lonesome. However, this will no longer be the case! With Amazing Stars, this often overlooked symbol finally has a slot game of its own—and players love it.

Fruit and Stars: Talk about a Wonderful, Winning Combination

Created by Novomatic casino, this incredible slots game has been designed with both expert players and newbies in mind. Everyone can enjoy the star power of this symbol, and the compelling graphics look so delicious that you'll think perhaps you can take a bite out of the watermelon!

Traditional, terrific tunes pay homage to a time when slot machines stood in beautiful casinos visited by fancy guests with fancy gloves, gowns and hats. Although people no longer dress up for the casino in this manner, there is nothing to stop you from dressing to the nines in the comfort of your own home. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to live the celebrity life yourself?

Grapes, Plums and Citrus Fun

Although this may be your first time hearing about Amazing Stars, there is no doubt that you must be familiar with some of the other extraordinary slot games in the Novomatic line-up. From Always Hot Deluxe to American Gangster and American Diner, this team of designers has created a wildly diverse portfolio of games.

However, all of these slots possess one thing in common; Novomatic created them with the player in mind with the believe that players should be able to tailor certain aspects of their experience to suit their own playing style. Whether you experience the magic of Anubix, Autumn Queen or 5 Line Multiplay, you probably end up impressed with the high quality of slot games you can find in the Novomatic casinos.

Five Reels, Five Paylines, So Many Wonderful Ways to Win

With free spins, the Star jackpot and even the Red jackpot, Amazing Stars is a game that puts out a lot of different ways for players to win. It's just up to you to find them! Delight in the overwhelming allure of this game, and you never know when you might score some free spins in the process. It doesn't matter if you usually play 4 Reel Kings, 5 Line Jokers, African Simba or even Blazing Riches. The time has come for you to try something new, and Amazing Stars is a slot that will truly knock your socks off.

Watermelons and Blueberries Are Particularly Noteworthy

When you're playing, keep an eye on some of the premium fruit that can net you some big wins. Alongside watermelons and blueberries of course, you will also want to stay awake for any star symbols that might scatter onto the reels. If you score four of those lucky red sevens, you will also be enjoying quite a fortuitous run. With such a wide variety of ways to win, Amazing Stars is truly out of this world.

Fabulous Fonts and Sizzling Sound Effects

No details were spared when the team came together to create Amazing Stars, which boasts only the best, most high-quality features. You'll have stars in your eyes whenever you sit down and catch a glimpse of those shimmering shapes that represent divinity and the ability to be special. The only way to play this game properly is to allow yourself to shine on like the brilliant star that you are, taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities you now have to play an extraordinary game.

Check Out the Winning Ways of This Constellation

Players enjoy the easy, breezy nature of Amazing Stars, which can serve as an excellent addition to any frequent slot player's repertoire. Although all of the game's elements are truly top-notch, it is the combination of factors that makes for a brilliant experience every time.

all of the tools that the game offers to keep you engaged, there is no reason why any player can't catch on immediately and see where they stand. Although there are many slot games out there in the universe, just as there are many stars shining, there are very few that manage to captivate players in such an effective, efficient way.

Amazing Stars is one of these rare gems; although players could check out another ordinary slot game, they should be encouraged to reach for the stars and select one like this.