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A Simple Supra Hot Mobile Slot Game

Supra Hot Mobile is a very, very simple game from Novomatic. It’s a traditional and fruity style slot game, with all the typical sounds and features from this well-renowned developer. Supra Hot Mobile has four reels, three rows and 25 paylines. It’s one of their original games and you can see this in the design. It’s all very simple and retro! You can tell by the logo, the design of the symbols and the colour scheme that this game is vintage! Novomatic were first known for making great standing slot machines for brick-and-mortar casinos. This was one of those very first games! It was later adapted for online casinos and so fans could play it on their desktops. Now, Novomatic have made Supra Hot available on mobile! Die-hard Novomatic fans can now play this ultimate game on their mobiles and tablets. Slot games don’t have to be fancy to be good. Supra Hot Mobile is basic. There are no bonus games or Free Spins and the rules are simple. Match up symbols on a payline to get a payout! This makes Supra Hot the perfect game for players who are new to slots. The symbols are easy to recognise and the gameplay is easy to follow. Why fix something if it’s not broken? Developers lately are making games that are too overcomplicated! But if there’s one thing that’s for sure, these fancy games don’t give players the same sort of satisfaction!

Supra Hot Mobile’s Simple Symbols

If you’re a slots player, you’ll recognise all of these symbols. The Xs pay out the least amount of money, followed by the fruits. Then the bars pay more, as do the blue stars and, finally, the red sevens. The fruits that you’ll see on these Supra Hot Mobile reels are: the cherries, the orange, the plum and the lemon. All of the symbols in Supra Hot pay out with three or four matches – but only if they land in the right positions! The 25 paylines are always active and these run across the reels in all sorts of different ways. They all pay from the left, too! So, payouts will be awarded when the matching symbols land on one (or more) of the paylines, on consecutive reels, beginning with the first symbol on the far-left reel. The more symbols you spin in winning positions, the bigger your payouts will be. You will also increase the payouts when you increase your bet. Any changes you make to your bet will be reflected in the paytable. This shows payout information and the rules. Supra Hot Mobile pays out a theoretical RTP of slightly over 95%! This makes it quite average for a Novomatic game.

A Special Feature That Heats Things Up in Supra Hot Mobile

Although Supra Hot Mobile is a pretty basic slot game, it does come with a special feature that makes the game more interesting! On top of the normal wins, there is a special win you can get! This special win gives out the biggest payout of all! This super mega win will be awarded to you if you manage to spin the reels and have them stop showing the same fruit symbol on every position! That’s right: you’ll need to land a matching fruit on all three rows on all four reels. So, you could spin 12x lemons, 12x cherries, 12x plums or 12x oranges. When you do this, you’ll be paid out the line wins as normal but all of them will be doubled! This win gives a payout of 200x your bet!

It’s Supra Novomatic!

Supra Hot Mobile is a Novomatic game. This world-famous game developer makes superior slot games! This is just one example that started off as a physical slot machine that was adapted for online casinos (to be played on desktop), and now for mobile! It comes with Novomatic’s traditional Autoplay and Gamble features. You can play Supra Hot Mobile for fun here at our website: After checking out this game, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to go and play for real money. We have lots of recommendations for the best casinos where you can play Novomatic games for real. You can read all the reviews that our team have written and choose for yourself. The reviews give all of the information about each casino, as well as their bonuses! Novomatic make some very similar slot games to this one, which have also been adapted for mobile, so don’t forget to try these out, too. You never know which could become your favourite! These include: Always Hot Deluxe Mobile, Super Hot 7s Mobile, Red Hot Repeater Mobile and Hot Chance Mobile.
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