Sizzling Hot Deluxe


Sizzling Hot Deluxe started its journey as a popular Novomatic slots game that was land-based. It has now entered into the mobile slots game category and is one of the simpler mobile games created by software developers Novomatic and Greentube, and is based on a theme of fruits. Because this mobile slots game is simple, it is easy to understand for all those inexperienced players who wish to venture into the world of these casino-turned-mobile-games category. It is also a good mobile gaming option for all those players who want to play a game that is not filled with a lot of complexities and hurdles to come in the way their precious wins and them.

What Is Sizzling Hot Deluxe All About?

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a mobile slots game consisting of 3 rows, 5 reels and 5 payline titles. These features adopt a theme based on classic slots in the mobile category by Novomatic. The betting range goes from £0.05 right up to £100. The mobile game is also equipped with an autoplay option that can be used up to a total of 50 rounds. Free spins, wilds and multipliers, the bonus features that create the most excitement in players, are not available in this mobile slots game, and can therefore come as a huge disappointment to all those who look forward to these features in the bonus rounds.

Objective of the Game

The main aim of Sizzling Hot Deluxe is to get a total of 5 matching symbols across the 5 reels. In order to get a winning combination, the matching symbols need to lie next to each other without any other symbol trying to get its way between them. This rule, however, does not apply to the star symbol, which also represents the scatter. If you spot at least 3 of these stars, regardless of where they are appearing on the reels, you have a chance of claiming some winnings. This mobile game has a vibrant background with a classic appearance and the symbols are displayed in bright and popping colors. Along with the simplicity of playing the game, even the display and appearance is free of any complications.


Since this mobile slots game revolves around a theme surrounding fruits, the symbols are also in the shape of fruits like grapes, watermelons, oranges, lemons and cherries. There is also a symbol of a star and a lucky 7. Players have found their match with Sizzling Hot Deluxe if they are looking for a mobile slots game that can give them an old school feeling of being in a Novomatic Casino.

Finding Sizzling Hot Deluxe

This mobile gaming application can be found on a broad range of devices like Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Android based mobile and smart phones, and tablets among some others. It runs on HTML5 technology and is accessible through Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. A device that is equipped with the latest OS version will give players the best results. Sizzling Hot Deluxe can also be found on Bell Fruit and MyBet mobile casinos.

Bonus Features

There are not a lot of bonus features in this mobile slots game, but for beginners, it’s a good starting option. Here are the bonus features that are actually present in Sizzling Hot Deluxe mobile:
Scatter Symbol
The scatter symbol is represented by a star. Players need to watch out for these stars because no matter where they appear on the reels, whether horizontal, vertical or pretty much scattered anywhere on the reels on your mobile device screens, they can lead to winnings at any given time.
The Charm of the Lucky Number 7
Though the scatter of the star can lead to winnings, the symbol of the number 7 is the highest payer in this mobile slots game. If players want the most gigantic of wins, they need to be able to get 5 of these number 7 symbols across their reels. They can then be able to win a jackpot that will be 200x of their total bet. This superb reward is one that is most anticipated in the game and rightly so, as the amazing potential from this win is quite obvious and can be a turning point in the game.
Gamble Feature
All you have to do here is to guess whether the color of the unturned card will be black or red, so there is a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. If you guess correctly, you get to double your winnings but if your guess is incorrect, you will lose everything. Those who prefer simplicity in a game will find Sizzling Hot Deluxe to be quite enjoyable and can benefit from big wins in the process too.