Sharky Mobile

The Slot in Shark-Infested Waters

Come aboard this Novomatic pirate ship and join the crew of notorious sailors on their quest to find treasure in the most ferocious shark-infested waters! If you’re looking for sunken treasure or some big wins, then this slot game is just for you. It has a Return to Player percentage (RTP) of almost 96% which puts it in the group of higher-paying Novomatic slot games and the best thing about this game is that now you can sail the high seas on your mobile! Normally, a pirate’s worst nightmare would be the law or, well, other pirates but, in this mobile slot game, it’s the sharks that are swimming underneath the waves. Wild symbols and Scatter symbols grace the reels and you can win some seriously unique Free Games that involve you rowing out of the way of these predatory, practically prehistoric sea creatures. Although quite standard for a Novomatic game the fact that it has five reels, what is unusual is that Sharky and Sharky Mobile have 9 paylines. If you’re someone who gets a kick out of spinning these other Novomatic mobile games: River Queen Mobile, Red Lady Mobile, Indian Spirit Mobile and Haul of Hades Mobile, load up this pirate game and get winning! This slot game is totally one-of-a-kind and you’ll absolutely go crazy for the symbols that come to life with their very own special sound effects!

A Pirate’s Life for This Paytable

Yo ho, yo ho, the entirety of a pirate’s life can be seen in the symbols on this paytable! Pirates who used to sail the seven seas in search of buried treasure and other vessels which they could easily overrun and take for themselves, and for that they would need their trusty cutlasses. But what did they do with all their time that they weren’t working or climbing up the rigging? Why, playing cards of course! That’s why you’ll see the card values from 10 to Ace on the paytable and on the reels, too! The treasure chest and the pirate’s trusty parrot are here as well. Symbols require three matches to give payouts, except for the 9 which will pay out from two or more. The symbols that match will have to all fall on the same active payline and on reels that are next to each other, beginning from the far-left and moving towards the right. The 9 paylines aren’t fixed so you can choose how many of them you want to have active or not. This is something you can set in the settings, where you can also adjust your bet per line and set it anywhere between 0.01 and 5.00.

The Pirate Captain and His Fellow, Favourable Symbols

The captain of this pirate ship is a very handsome man and he’s dressed in a green shirt and a red bandana. His beard is extremely well-kept and his pearly white teeth suggest he doesn’t stoop to chewing on tobacco like the rest of his crew! He’s pretty special as from just one of him, he’ll give you a payout and, even better, he’ll fill in for any of the other symbols (apart from the special ones) to help you get wins! The other special symbols are Scatter symbols, so they can pay wherever they so happen to land on the reels regardless of paylines! One of these symbols is the old-fashioned compass and this pays out big time! Spin three anywhere on the screen to get a payout and spin five for a payout x100 your bet! The other Scatter symbols are the pirate ship and the treasure island beach, both of which are enjoying some beautiful weather and bright, blue skies! These have to land together in a single spin for them to payout (one of each) and, when this happens, they also trigger 10 Free Games!

Exciting Free Games in Sharky Mobile

The Free Games you can get in Sharky Mobile aren’t just ordinary, boring old free spins! These come with a feature that make the games extra exciting! Whilst you’re playing the games, every time you spin a ship symbol on the leftmost reel, the pirate captain will jump off the ship and into his little rowboat. Then, with every spin, he’ll row one reel towards the right. If a treasure chest lands anywhere within one symbol of him, he’ll jump out of his rowboat and collect the treasure from the treasure chest and these wins can be anywhere between 2x and 5x your bet. He’ll keep rowing towards the right until, either he rows off the reels or he lands on a shark symbol! If he lands on a shark symbol, you’ll hear some menacing music before you’ll watch the shark flip the pirate out of his rowboat and you’ll hear the pirate scream for his life! You might have multiple rowing pirates on the reels so you don’t need to worry too much about losing him to the jaws!
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