Seven’s Mobile

Why Was Six Afraid of Seven?

No, it wasn’t because seven eight nine (ate, get it?), it was because sevens paid out more than sixes! For decades, the number seven, along with other typical symbols like fruits and card values, has appeared on slot machines all over the world. Why is this the case, you ask? Well, card values feature on the reels because primitive slot machines used to rotate actual playing cards on the reels and they have well, stuck around for good! The fruit symbols first came about because one of the first companies who made standing slot machines gave out gum as payouts instead of cash, and the flavour of the gum would be of the fruit symbols the player matched! Sevens, however, started appearing on the reels for a different reason: luck. Many cultures around the world view the number seven as the luckiest number ever, which is why this number became a slot machine staple. Playing slot machines is always fun, but it’s better to play with luck on your side! Slot machines have come a long way since the first ones were invented, and now you can play these fantastic games of chance on your mobile phone! Seven’s Mobile is a proper retro slot game and just the ticket for beginner players. Similar slots from Novomatic which you can play on your mobile include: Two Sevens Mobile, Super Hot 7s Mobile, Golden Sevens Mobile and Fruits ‘n Sevens Mobile.

How Many Sevens Do You See?

1, 2, 3, it’s as easy as A, B C! There are three different sevens on this slot game: gold, silver and bronze. The bronze sevens are lonely, the silver sevens come in pairs and the golden sevens are in crowds of three! The golden sevens are the most valuable symbol in this game, followed by the silver sevens, the bronze sevens, the fruit symbols and, lastly, the bar symbol. The fruits you’ll see on these reels are: the lemons, oranges, cherries and plums. The reason why this game is so perfect for beginners is because understanding it really is as easy as A, B, C! There are only three reels and five paylines, which are clearly marked on the spinning reels! Set your bet – the five paylines can’t be deactivated but to adjust your bet, simply select your desired bet per line which will be multiplied by 5 to give your bet per spin – and hit spin! If you’re as lucky as the number seven and you manage to land three matching symbols across one or more of the paylines, you’ll be in with the money! Each unique symbol has its own value and its own payout amount (when you match three) which you can see to the side of the reels. The values displayed update automatically with your bet.

No Fuss from Novomatic

Seven’s Mobile is a straight-up slot game with no fuss. After all, you only need three reels and five paylines to make a really great slot game. If it works, it works, so why complicate it with Wilds or Scatters or Free Spins that hardly ever come up and decrease the payouts of other symbols? Seven’s Mobile is a perfect game from Novomatic and it comes with their most famous features: autoplay and gamble. The beauty of the autoplay feature is that it allows you to play the game without having to put in any effort whatsoever! If only life were that easy, and it handed you big wins without you having to lift so much as your little finger? Things would be a whole lot more fun and a whole lot more lucrative! If you feel like the wins you’re getting just aren’t big enough, you can use the gamble game to risk them for a bigger reward! It all comes down to red or black – one will double your winnings and the other will make them disappear!

A Stash of Wonderful Games Awaits

Novomatic is one of the world-leading developers of casino games and they’ve been ruling the online casino world for decades with their top-notch slot games. They’re popular because they make great games, time and time again, which people come back to for their simplicity and their winning formulas. They have slot games for beginners, intermediate players and experts, and their favourite themes are ancient Egypt, fruits, bells, sevens, royalty, animals and pretty girls! With RTPs of up to 98% on some of their slots, this developer is always a great choice. All of their games are available here at to play for free. Read our reviews of the top casinos where you can play Novomatic games for real money. Claim your welcome bonuses and go for the big wins!