Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle Mobile

Get Ready to Rumble with Novomatic

Jungles all over the world are just bursting with wildlife. In fact, researchers say that there are so many different species yet so much human destruction of their natural habitat going on that there are some species that will die out before they are even discovered. Not in this jungle, though, as the reels clearly show all of the different creatures that you’ll find in Novomatic’s Jungle. Rumble in the Jungle Mobile is almost identical to Novomatic’s other slot, Monkey’s Millions Mobile, as they have the same bonus games and features. Rumble in the Jungle Mobile has 20 paylines across 5 reels and the game has an RTP (theoretical return to player percentage) of 95%. It’s a lively, fun and entertaining game with so many bonus games and features that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the reels for a second. The game can be played in autoplay but with so many special features that require your attention, it’s not really worth it in this game. Just take a look beyond the reels and you’ll see that you’re playing right in the heart of a tropical jungle. There’s so much to explore and discover in this Novomatic game, just as there is in the real jungles of the world, so get ready to rumble in the jungle and win big because this mobile slot also has a massive Jungle Jackpot!

Who’s the King of the Paytable Jungle?

In almost every slot game, there is one symbol who’s the King of the paytable and who pays out the most amount of money! In Rumble in the Jungle, this is the Wild symbol, followed by the logo symbol reading ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and then the card values: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. The card symbols pay out when you spin at least three of them, and the logo symbol and the Wild symbol pay from at least two or more matches. There is a total of twenty paylines which only pay in one direction: from left to right, so spin your matching symbols on sequential reels, beginning with the first symbol on the leftmost reel to get paid! The settings are easily changed and bets can be adjusted to suit every player, no matter their budget, as bets per line can be set anywhere between the value of 0.01 and 5.00. The gamble feature can be used following a win for a 50% chance of doubling it but you can’t use this when you’re playing in autoplay mode. The Wild symbol pays out by itself as well as being able to stand in for the other symbols to complete a winning combination.

It’s a Jungle of Bonuses Out There

Four extra symbols appear on the reels: the monkey, the parrot, the Jungle Spins symbol and the ripe banana. These all potentially trigger either an exciting and entertaining bonus or win you the ginormous Jungle Jackpot!

Jungle Spins

Three Jungle Spins symbols will stop the normal game and activate the Jungle Spins bonus. For this bonus, you will be gifted 5 special (and free) Jungle Spins. The payout you get from this bonus will depend on how many Rumble in the Jungle logo symbols you spin throughout them. Spin one and you’ll double your bet, spin two and you’ll multiply it by 50, spin three and you’ll get 150 times your bet and spin 5 to get a win of 250 times your bet!

Pick a Parrot Bonus

You’ll have to land three or more parrot symbols in a single spin on the normal game to be able to pick a parrot! For this bonus, the parrots that you spin will fly off the reels, transform into different colours and hover over the jungle canopy awaiting your decision. Each parrot represents a multiplier for your bet which will then equal your win. Multipliers in this bonus can go up to x500!

Monkey Bonus

Wake the monkey up and put him to work by spinning three of him during the normal game, in the same spin, of course. The Monkey Bonus is played on three separate reels which are controlled by the monkey and are filled with jungle animal symbols, including: the frog, the chameleon, the cheetah, the lemur, the sloth and the crocodile. Each animal represents a win multiplier and has a corresponding meter with three symbols on it. Every time you spin an animal symbol on the reels, the corresponding symbol (left, middle or right) will light up on its meter. Once you light up three of them for a single animal, that animal’s win multiplier will be added to your total multiplier for the bonus. The monkey will keep on spinning these reels until he spins three overripe bananas and thus ending the feature.

Jungle Jackpot

The Jungle Jackpot can be won during the Jungle Spins and during the Monkey Bonus. During the Jungle Spins, you’ll need to land 5 ripe bananas on a payline and the jackpot will be yours to claim! The same will be the case if you are lucky enough for the monkey to spin you three bananas during the Monkey Bonus. The Jungle Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that can reach thousands and thousands and thousands!