Red Hot Repeater

Red Hot Repeater Mobile

The Reels are Red Hot and the Wins Repeat

Fans all over can rejoice and delight in the fact that this retro 5-reel, 10-payline slot game is now available on mobile! With an RTP (return to player) percentage of almost 96%, Red Hot Repeater Mobile is one of the highest-paying slot machines from Novomatic. It’s a wonderfully retro slot game with simple rules and classic slot symbols and sound effects. The 1980s style music plays in the background and you’ll hear the fruity reels click into place when they spin. There’s an autoplay and a gamble feature, both of which are typical for Novomatic, and there’s also an extra special feature which helps you to multiply those wins! All of this comes together to make Red Hot Repeater a retro-style, classic yet unique slot game that’s perfect for even the greenest of beginners! Nothing is too hot to handle when you’re playing Red Hot Repeater Mobile, except for perhaps all of those big wins! There aren’t any free games in this mobile slot but there’s plenty to keep you amused! Behind the reels rages a blazing fire and the flames are heating up the reels to help you get those red, hot wins! Fans of these other mobile slot games from Novomatic will get hot under the collar for Red Hot Repeater: Always Hot Deluxe Mobile, Blazing Riches Mobile, Fire Starter Mobile, Sizzling Gems Mobile and Ultra Hot Deluxe Mobile.

Hot Damn! The Paytable Is Filled with Classic Slot Symbols

The first slot machine was invented at the beginning of the 19th century and, soon after, slot machines became extremely popular all over the world! At first, they used to give out prizes such as cigarettes and gum and the fruit symbols used to depict the flavours of the gum. On the reels of Red Hot Repeater, you’ll find: plums, oranges, lemons, cherries, watermelons, grapes, strawberries and pears, as well as other classic slot symbols like the golden bell and the red seven. All of the symbols need at least three matches on a payline to pay out, so long as they fall on adjacent reels starting from the first reel on the far left of the screen. The paytable shows payout amounts for every symbol according to the bet you have presently selected. The paytable updates automatically when you adjust your bet, which you can do simply and easily by in the settings menu of the mobile game. There are ten paylines which are all fixed and the minimum bet per spin in Red Hot Repeater Mobile is 0.10 and the maximum bet per spin is 50.00. When you get a payout in Red Hot Repeater Mobile, you can choose to gamble it using the Novomatic-style gamble feature. This feature is a classic one from Novomatic where you have to choose the colour of the next card. Red or black? One will double your win and the other will lose it and send you back to the reels with nada!

Repeat Brings the Heat

There’s one extra special, extra hot feature in Red Hot Repeater and that’s the repeat feature! Each and every time you get a win in Red Hot Repeater Mobile, you will trigger the repeat feature. All the way around the reels, there are the repeat arrows that go around the reels in a clockwise direction. After a win, a certain number of arrows will light up and move around the reels like a snake! Fans of the old-school Nokia game of the same name will enjoy this feature! The arrow at the top of the screen reads ‘Repeat’ and if the ‘snake’ lights land on this arrow, the game will repeat your win! The feature will repeat and your wins will keep on repeating until the lights do not land on the repeat arrow. This feature can end up being very, very profitable indeed!

Novomatic’s Red Hot Games

You can play all of Novomatic’s games here at for free, including Red Hot Repeater Mobile. What’s more, you can read reviews of and try out all of their table games and live casino games, before looking at our recommendations for the best casinos where you can play them for real money. The most popular games from Novomatic are the live casino games as they are of a very high-quality and offer true-to-life casino games, like Poker and Roulette, to players which they can enjoy from their very own home or mobile.
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