Plenty on Twenty

Plenty on Twenty is a mobile slots game that has been released by Novomatic in collaboration with Greentube providers. The fruit themed game started off its journey by being one of the many recognized Novomatic slots games that are widely played in various casinos.


The mobile slots game is played on a slot of 5 reels that feature 3 rows and is inclusive of 20 paylines, hence the name-Plenty on Twenty. It’s a game based on simple rules and a winning combination is struck only when 3 symbols are seen in a left to right sequence.
The players can choose to place their bets between the credits of 25, 10, 1, 0.50, 0.10, 0.05, 0.02 and 0.01 per line. The coin values range from 0.20 and can go up to a 100 coins. The value of their combinations at their actual bets can be checked on the paytable in the game.

Plenty on Twenty – Presentation and Style

Your mobile device screens can instantly come alive with the fruit symbols that represent Plenty on Twenty. These amazing fruit animations overflow with character and personality and guess what? They have facial expressions too! That’s right, fruits with facial expressions, now that’s something you don’t see on a daily basis. The fruits and other symbols hop around in their respective reels and can be instant mood lifters for those that are feeling the strain that each working day can bring with itself. They are displayed in bright, popping colors and add a lively style to the game. To match the look and design of the fruity animations, the sound effects can be categorized as cartoon like music with hints of goofy tones to it.

The Symbols

As this Novomatic Casino game is based on fruits, the symbols are therefore represented by different types of fruit. When you play the game on your mobile devices, you’ll see a splash of plums, cherries, oranges, lemons and watermelons, all flashing their best smiles on to your mobile screens. Some of them even have legs and arms to enhance the animated effect of the fruity fun mobile slots game. There are a few other symbols too like a bell, a star and the number 7, all with facial expressions. The mobile game can be played on smart phones and tablets, as well as on iPhones and Android mobile devices.

Bonus Features

Plenty on Twenty is equipped with a few bonus features to keep the players interested and engaged in the game. There are however, no free spins in this mobile slots game. Let’s have a look at the bonus rounds and features that can be played during the game:
The Scatter
The scatter symbol is represented by a funky looking star. This brightly colored scatter symbol is literally the star of the show because; it is the symbol that can pay the highest in the game. Since the star is the scatter symbol, if the player finds 5 stars scattered anywhere on the screen reels, they will have the welcome opportunity to grab a jackpot of 10,000 coins. This is why the star stands out among the scatter symbols represented in other mobile games.
The Wild
The number 7 is a representation of the wild symbol in Plenty on Twenty mobile. It has the power to stand as a substitution for all of the other symbols in the game, the exception being the starts which are the scatters in the game. When this wild 7 can be substituted, to gain any sort of potential winning combination that can appear on each of the spins on the reels of the mobile screens. So you need to keep a sharp eye on these 7s if you want an abundance of winning combinations in your favor.
The Gamble Feature
This game also supports a gamble feature. Every time players get a winning combination, they can click on the gamble button so that they can try out their luck for a bit of a risk element in the game. When the gamble button is clicked, what appears on the screen is a deck of cards with an equal portion of black and red cards.

The next thing the player has to do is to choose one of the cards and if the player chooses the right color, their wins are doubled and they then have the option to be able to gamble the winnings another time. The downside to this gamble feature is that if the player chooses the wrong color, they will then lose everything they have won and that will be the end of the this feature. Players have the opportunity to gamble on their winnings up to 5 times in total in this mobile slots game. You can either win, or lose all and this can add a great thrill for players who enjoy casino slots.