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Pharaoh’s Tomb Mobile

Ancient Rituals Come Back to Life in Pharaoh’s Tomb Mobile

The ancient Egyptians believed that the dead could feel all of the emotions that the living could. This, among many other reasons, is why they put such importance to preparing for the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians would bury their dead with valuable objects which they could use to appease the Gods before entering the afterlife. Poor Egyptians were buried in mass graves but rich Egyptians, and Pharaohs, were mummified and buried in tombs, such as the pyramids, and, for all Egyptians, spells were read to help send the spirit of the dead on. In Pharaoh’s Tomb Mobile slot game from Novomatic, you’ll see everything to do with this ancient Egyptian ritual. In the background of the slot, you can see the tomb made from stone, with carvings depicted spells for the dead. On the reels, you’ll see hieroglyphs to help you cast spells to win, along with the Pharaoh’s sarcophagus and all of the precious objects he was buried with. IT has an RTP (return to player percentage) of over 95% and has five reels and ten paylines. Built in are Novomatic’s classic features: autoplay and gamble, there are also Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and the chance to win a load of lucrative free games!

Who Would Like to Enter the Pharaoh’s Tomb

If you are already a fan of other mobile slots from this old-school developer, such as: Book of Ra Deluxe Mobile, Cleopatra Mobile, Pharaoh’s Ring Mobile and Ramses-2 Mobile then this is surely worth checking out for you! Even if you have no interest in ancient Egyptian history, this is still a really great, generous and entertaining slot game. It’s not recommended for beginners but for anyone who knows the basic principles and rules of the slot game, it will be a breeze and a breeze in the dessert that was once ancient Egypt will be a definite welcome!

A Paytable That Looks Like the Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is one of the most amazing pieces of ancient writing ever discovered, as it helped linguists to translate and crack the ancient Egyptian language and writing system of hieroglyphs. The paytable could be mistaken for such an object, with all of its amazing symbols! The royal card symbols (the Jack, Queen, King and Ace) are at the bottom of the paytable and then, in increasing order of value, you’ll find the orange feather symbols, the blue zigzag symbols, the golden and purple cobra, the emerald and gold scarab beetle, the sapphire and gold hawk, and the gold and ruby ankh. The last four objects are probably what this Pharaoh was buried with as they’re very precious indeed! There is a total of 10 paylines which you can have active on Pharaoh’s Tomb and the bet per line can be adjust anywhere from 0.01 to a maximum of 5.00. Paylines pay from the left towards the right so matching symbols need to fall adjacently from the leftmost reel. All symbols pay from at least three matches.

Free Games with Upgrading Symbols

The Wild symbol is the Sarcophagus of the Pharaoh and this is simply stunning and is painted all in blue and gold! It can substitute for any other of the symbols on the reels, helping you get wins, and even more so due to the fact that it expands to cover the whole reel it landed on – this Pharaoh must have been tall! The only symbol that it can’t stand in for is the Pharaoh’s Tomb logo symbol, which is the Scatter. This pays wherever it happens to land on the reels, from at least three matches, as well as starting 12 Free Games. Something special happens to the Pharaoh’s sarcophagus Wild symbol during these free games, as it discovers some magic powers! Every time a Wild symbol falls on the reels, not only will it expand as usual, but it will also transform a symbol and give you an extra free game! Every time this happens, the lowest-paying symbol (out of the orange feathers, the blue zigzags, the cobra, the scarab beetle, the hawk and the ankh) will be transformed into the next highest-paying symbol, until (if you’re lucky enough) that only the ankh remains and you’ve won plenty of extra games! This feature can end up paying out huge amounts so keep an eye out for three or the Pharaoh’s Tomb logo symbols!
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