Helena Mobile

The Slot Game That Brings Ancient Greece Back to Life

Helena of Troy was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and the developers at Novomatic were so captivated by her tale that they made this fantastic slot game as an ode to her and her tragic story, which you can now play on your phone! Helena was married to Melenaus, the King of Sparta but she was unhappy and one day ran away with Paris, the Prince of Troy, thus starting the Trojan war, which ultimately led to the total destruction of Troy. This slot game brings much of this story and this ancient civilisation back to life. In the background, you can see a beautiful Greek landscape under the orange glow of the setting sun. The Parthenon sits atop a cliff and the trees lead down to the sea, which is reflecting the sun’s golden orange rays. You’ll see key characters from this myth on the reels, as well as other symbols that reflect this ancient culture. There are five reels and ten paylines in this slot game, and you can win Free Spins. This game is perfect flor any sort of slots player who isn’t a complete and utter beginner, and it will be especially adored by players who are already regular players (and fans) of other Novomatic Mobile Slot Games, including: Book of Ra Deluxe Mobile, Golden Ark Mobile, Pharaoh’s Ring Mobile and Ramses-2 Mobile.

Symbols That Won’t Be Greek to You

The symbols on the reels of Helena may well reflect the culture of ancient Greece but they will be so recognisable and easy to distinguish that they won’t seem all Greek to you! On the lower end of the paytable are the card value symbols from 9 to Ace, which pay out the least amount of money. Then, the symbols which pay out more are, in increasing order of value, the black and gold plate and the black and gold vase; the golden snake brooch set with a blue sapphire; Melenaus, King of Sparta, with his voluminous brown curls and the Prince of Troy in his golden armour. The 9, the King and the Prince all pay from two or more matching symbols and the other symbols pay from three or more matching symbols. Paylines pay left to right so identical symbols will need to fall on adjacent reels. You can have any number of the 10 paylines active or not and you can adjust the bet per line from 0.01 up to 50.00. Whenever you want to refresh your memory of payouts and paylines, simply have a look at the paytable which gives all information and will update the payout amounts automatically when you adjust your bet. You won’t be able to open the paytable, though, if you are playing in autoplay mode. This can be enabled by holding down the spin button and then the reels will begin to spin automatically until you stop this feature. During autoplay you also can’t change your bet or gamble your wins. The gamble feature in Helena mobile is the classic Novomatic card gamble feature, where in order to have a chance at doubling your bet, you’ll need to guess whether you think the next card in the sequence is going to be red or black! It’s a double-or-nothing, 50:50 chance feature that can really liven up the game and significantly increase your balance in a very short space of time.

Helena is Wild and Greece Gives Free spins

Helena, the most beautiful woman who ever lived, is a very special symbol indeed. She is the highest-paying symbol on the reels and she pays from two or more matches. This beautiful woman is also the Wild symbol which means that she can substitute for any other symbol (except the Scatter symbol). When she does substitute in a winning combination, she doubles the win amount, too! The Scatter symbol is a Greek landscape with some typical Greek architecture underneath the setting sun and this symbol pays in Scatter (so wherever it falls on the reels) and it also pays from two or more matches. When you spin three or more of this symbol, you’ll bag yourself a generous load of Free Games. This bonus is made up of 15 spins and all of the wins that you get during these spins will be multiplied by three. This x3 win multiplier, along with the fact that these spins can easily be re-triggered, means that getting this bonus can end up being very fruitful for you indeed. So, unlike the citizens of Troy, you’ll come away from this game a winner!
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