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Grand Slam Casino Mobile

An Online Slot That Looks Physical

Grand Slam Casino Mobile is an online slot game that seriously resembles a physical, standing slot machine. So much so that you’ll have a hard time believing that this slot is actually on your screen and not really in front of you. It’s a 5-reel, 9-payline slot, which is quite unusual as normally paylines come in even sets of numbers. This slot is steeped in tradition and old-school-style slots fans will go crazy for it. Everything from the style of the slot, to the symbols, the sounds and the features will be familiar to slots traditionalists. Grand Slam Casino Mobile has everything: adjustable bets, gamble feature, autoplay feature, Wild symbols and Scatter symbols that give mystery wins! Playing this slot will honestly give you the feeling that you’re standing on a real casino floor amongst all the hustle and bustle of a lively casino, and you’ll imagine that you’re pulling the lever on a real slot machine. It has all of the typical features from Novomatic so those of you who like this developer (like we do here at will very much enjoy this game, especially those who particularly like other similar games, such as: 5 Line Mystery Mobile, Hot Chance Mobile and Mystery Star Mobile.

Grand Slamming Symbols

As we have already mentioned, this slot game is very traditional and old-school. This is also reflected in the background, the logo and the symbols, too! All of the symbols on this game have been seen in slot games before and even a beginner slots player is likely to recognise each and every one of them. They paytable is perfect for showing all of the symbols and how much they pay out. In Grand Slam Casino, all of the symbols pay from three or more matches, so long as the matching symbols land on a payline and, starting from the very left, on sequential reels. In ascending order of value, the symbols are as follows: the red cherries, the fragrant orange, the sour lemon, the ripe plum, the sweet strawberry, the lucky four-leaf clover, the purple grapes, the juicy watermelon and the golden bell. Payouts will increase or decrease relative to your bet, which you can alter at the bottom of the screen, as long as you’re not playing in autoplay mode, and choose a figure anywhere from the minimum of 0.40 to the maximum of 100.00, as will suit your budget and preference.

A Grand Slam Mystery

There are two extra symbols in this game and they are both extremely useful to spin, especially when they fall in the right places! They’re like getting a symbol with special powers! The first of these symbols is the blue star and this symbol is not all that mysterious. As it says just below the reels, the blue star symbol is special because it can substitute for any other symbol except one. This means that, for normal symbols, when the blue star falls in place where it can substitute for them or fill in for them to help get a win, it will do so! The other special symbol, and the only symbol which the star cannot substitute for, is the Grand Slam symbol which is a golden ‘GS’ logo symbol. This is the Scatter symbol and this can pay out wherever it lands, so long as you spin three or more. This symbol is shrouded in mystery as you won’t be able to see the payouts for this symbol on the paytable. Instead, this symbol gives out mystery wins. These wins really can end up being huge so you should definitely be on the lookout for these little icons.

A Grand Slam Gamble

Another great feature, aside from the autoplay feature, that is typically Novomatic is the gamble feature. This can be used every time you get a payout (as long as you’re not playing in autoplay) and will give you a chance at doubling your bet. Simply use the buttons at the bottom left of the screen (which will light up when you get a win) to choose between red hearts and black spades. If you guess correctly, you’ll double your payout and get a second swing at doubling it again! However, if you get it wrong, you’ll head back to the reels without your win.
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