Dynasty of Ra

Dynasty of Ra Mobile

The Slot That Brings Ancient Egypt Back to Life

Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating cultures ever to have existed and even to this day it continues to inspire people and pique their curiosity. Even though we have uncovered much of their ancient cities and burial chambers, there is still much left to be discovered and many questions still left unanswered which is why we have such an obsession with the ancient Egyptians! This obsession with the Egyptians is also there amongst slots fans and that’s why Dynasty of Ra Mobile is such a popular slot amongst Novomatic fans. This slot has five reels and 10 paylines and an RTP percentage of over 95%, making it extremely generous compared to many other online slots. The background looks as though it could be ancient Egyptian paper and the logo looks as though it has been made from pure gold! The sound effects of the spinning reels, the wins and the Free Spins are all Egyptian-esque which adds to the theme and makes a refreshing change from the normal Novomatic music and sounds! Slots enthusiasts who are already fans of similar Novomatic mobile games, such as: Book of Ra Deluxe Mobile, Cleopatra Mobile, Pharaoh’s Tomb Mobile and Ramses-2 Mobile will most certainly love this Egyptian-themed slot game!

A Dynasty of Slot Symbols

Slots have been around for over 200 years and they continue to entertain and please happy players every day! Slot machines first began by handing out prizes such as cigarettes and gum before they started giving out cash to lucky players. All of the slots from the past up until now have created a sort of dynasty of slot symbols which can even be seen on the reels of Dynasty of Ra mobile! In the beginning, slot symbols had cards in them (actual playing cards) and pictures of fruits! Although many slots still have fruit symbols on them, Dynasty of Ra Mobile has some surviving classics in the form of the card value symbols. These symbols, from the 10 through to the Ace, are the lowest-paying symbols and are all designed in an Egyptian-style font and they pay from three or more matches. The symbols which pay more are the themed symbols and these include the Sistrum (an ancient Egyptian instrument), the beaded necklace, the golden cat mask, the black and gold sphynx statue and the Egyptian goddess. These higher-paying symbols pay from two or more matches. Matching symbols will need to fall on consecutive reels, starting from the left, and on an active payline in order for you to get a payout. You can choose to have any number of the 10 paylines active or not and then decide how much to bet on each of your active lines. The paytable shows payout amounts according to current bets. The minimum bet per line is 0.01 and the max bet per line is 5.00.

Luc-Ra-Tive Free Spins

There’s another symbol on the reels and this is the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is the Scatter symbol so it can pay wherever it lands on the reels, from three or more matches! What’s more, this symbol can substitute for all of the other symbols, too! Even more, it can trigger Free Games! Whenever you spin three or more Eye of Horus Scatter symbols, not only will you get a payout but you’ll also get 10 Free Games. These Free Spins have an extra special feature designed to help you get the most out of these spins given on the house. Whenever you spin a winning combination of symbols, the winning symbols will expand to cover the entire reel they landed on which means they’ll give you plenty more wins as they’ll cover all of the paylines! The Scatter symbol unfortunately doesn’t substitute for other symbols during the Free Spins but you can win more of them if you’re lucky enough to spin another three Eye of Horus symbols!
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