Burning Hot 7’s

Burning Hot 7’s Mobile

A Novomatic Slot That’s Burning Hot

This burning hot slot game from Novomatic is the absolute perfect game for any beginner. It has three reels and five paylines and is the epitome of the simple and traditional-style slot game. It has all of the most classic slot symbols along with many of Novomatic’s time-honoured and standard features, like the autoplay and gamble features. It’s a wonderful thing, technology that is, to think that some of you who used to play this slot game on a physical machine the size of a fridge can now play it on a mobile device which is smaller than a pineapple! This game brings together all of the elements of a slot machine that people love: fruity and traditional slot symbols; familiar music and sound effects; classic features; free spins and a high RTP percentage, which is what makes Burning Hot 7’s so popular and well-liked all over the world! Anyone new to the world of slots will certainly be good to start with this game and players who already enjoy other Novomatic games, such as: Fruits n Sevens, Hold It, Power Stars, Seven’s and Simply Wild, will absolutely no doubt go burning hot crazy for Burning Hot 7’s Mobile!

Symbols That Are Burning Hot to the Touch

It’s almost guaranteed that if you were to touch any of the symbols in this burning hot slot game, your finger would definitely sizzle! They are so hot on account of them winning all the time that they don’t even have time to cool down in between wins. Getting payouts in Burning Hot 7’s Mobile is easy and it happens all the time - all you need to do is spin three matching symbols (one on each of the reels) on one or more of the slot’s paylines. All five lines are always active in this game so you can adjust your bet by increasing or decreasing how much you’re betting on each of the five paylines. The minimum bet per line is 0.01 and the maximum bet per line is 10.00 so your bet per spin could be anything from 0.05 to 50.00. The higher the bet per line, the bigger your payouts will be and the size of payouts will also depend on the matching symbols themselves, as some are worth more than others. The symbols in Burning Hot 7’s Mobile are: the Xs, the cherries, the oranges, the lemons, the plums, the bars, the golden stars and the red sevens. It’s easy to see your payout amounts for your chosen bet by opening the paytable. The biggest wins come from filling the screen with a matching fruit (i.e. 9x lemons) as this pays double!

Burning Hot Bonus Games

It’s not just the symbols that are hot in this game – the bonus games are too! You can win bonus games by spinning three or more pink Bonus symbols. The bonus symbol is a Scatter symbol, which means when you spin three, no matter where they land, you’ll get a payout. Then, you’ll need to choose one of the Scatter symbols that you’ve spun and it will flip over to reveal the number of bonus games you’ve won, and this number could be anywhere from 14 to 20. During these free spin bonus games, all of your wins will double! That’s right: all of the winning combinations of symbols will give you x2 payouts! What’s more, an extra symbol is added onto the reels and this is truly where this slot gets its name from. This symbol is two burning hot 7s which are red sevens on an orange background and these sevens are quite literally on fire! This symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels except the Bonus symbol. It can also act as a substitute to help you get the big full-screen fruity wins, too. Even better, you can win even more free games during these bonus spins, simply by spinning another three Bonus symbols. Again, you’ll need to pick the Bonus symbol to reveal how many you’ve won so be careful to choose correctly! After you’ve chosen, the other Bonus symbols will flip over to reveal how many spins they would have awarded so you’ll know whether or not you chose wisely!
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