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Novomatic Journeys to Ancient Egypt

Travel back in time and across the globe with Novomatic’s Anubix Mobile slot where, amongst the pyramids and the palm trees, you can meet the gods and get yourself some wins, all from your mobile phone! You can play this game at any time from anywhere and escape into the world where Cleopatra used to rule, the dead were mummified and everyone worshipped cats. For the ancient Egyptians, Anubis was the god of the dead and the mummification of dead bodies but in Anubix, he is the god of multipliers and his beautiful wife is the goddess of wins! Those of you who enjoy playing other mobile games by Novomatic, like Cleopatra Mobile, Haul of Hades Mobile and Book of Ra Deluxe Mobile will really get into this retro game from this amazing developer. By the look of things, it would seem that it was probably one of their very early games yet nevertheless it never gets old!

Ancient Symbols

The ancient symbols of the ancient Egyptians were hieroglyphics yet the symbols on this ancient Egyptian-themed slot don’t feature any hieroglyphics at all! Instead, this slot has plenty of slot style symbols! The lower-paying symbols are the card values from the 10 through to the Ace, although we don’t think the Egyptians ever played with cards. The higher-paying symbols are the three pharaohs in their beautiful and gleaming outfits! The lower-value symbols (the cards) pay from three or more and the higher-value symbols (the pharaohs) pay from two or more. Have a look at the paytable to see how much each symbol will pay out according to the bet you’ve set. Anubix Mobile is a five-reel, five-payline slot game and all five paylines are fixed so you’ll need to bet on all five. To adjust the bet per spin, you have to increase or decrease the bet per line. The minimum bet per line is 0.08 so that’s 0.40 per spin and the maximum bet per line is 20.00 so that’s 100.00 per spin. Identical symbols need to fall on neighbouring reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

Symbols with Powers

There are three other symbols in Anubix Mobile and all of these have special powers! Firstly, there is Anubis’s wife who is the Wild symbol, which means she can substitute for all of the other symbols and, what’s more, she also pays out the most on her own! There is a scarab beetle jewel symbol as well, which is made from gold and a sparkling green emerald, and this is the Scatter symbol. It pays out whenever three or more land on the reels, wherever they may land (payline or no payline on any reel) and this symbol also gives out free spins! After you get your payout, you’ll be taken to a mummification room and you’ll need to choose three boxes to reveal the number of free spins you’ve won. Then you’ll head back to the reels to play your free spins. If, during your free spins, the third magic symbol shows up, you’re in for a treat. Anubis himself may appear on the middle reel and, if he does, he’ll multiply all of your free spins wins by 3! You can win anywhere between 5 and 18 free spins, so just imagine the big win you might get if Anubis is there to triple your winnings! Perhaps you could win enough to take a trip and see the ancient Egyptian pyramids with your very own eyes!

Autoplay and Gamble Features from Novomatic

Novomatic has added two of its most classic and traditional features into Anubix Mobile: the autoplay feature and the gamble feature. Multiply your wins without Anubis by guessing the correct colour of the next card! Winning is easier when you don’t even have to click to spin the reels, too! Just set autoplay to start going and watch the wins happen!
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