Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat
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Baccarat, as well as Live Baccarat, is one of the world’s most famous casino card games and players usually find it in the VIP sections in casinos. It gained popularity in the 1950s because of Casino Royale, the James Bond novel, as it is the most popular game choice for all the casino VIPs, super villains, and secret agents.

Along with being available at Novomatic Casino, you can now enjoy playing this legendary game in the comfort of your homes where there will be real cards that will be dealt by live dealers and this has all been possible because of the efforts Novomatic has put into the creation of live casino games.

Main Goal of Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a very simple game to understand. The dealers in live casino games are known as live dealers and your live dealer will deal one hand of two cards to you, and the other two card hand to himself or herself. The main aim of the game is to score as close as possible to 9, the magic number in this game which is the highest score possible in baccarat.

Value and Worth of the Cards

In live baccarat, tens and picture cards like king, queen, and jack have a zero score. Aces are equal to one and the remaining cards value on the basis of their face value. For example, a 3 is equal to three points and so on.

Playing Live Baccarat

You know that two hands of two cards are dealt at the start of the game. One to the player and one to the live dealer. Now, depending on the total score of those first two cards of yours, you have the option of drawing a third card. One thing to note is that it’s not necessary to place your bet on this initial hand. In live baccarat, there are a total of three possible outcomes you can bet on. The first is the winning of your own hand, the second option is to bet on the winnings of the live dealer’s hand, and the third option is to place your bet on the event that there is a tie.

The Payout Ratio

If you win on your own hand, it's even money or evens, and it pays out at a 1:1. A live dealer win will pay out at the odds of 1:1, minus a commission of 5%. A tie pays out at odds of 8:1.

Some Rules to Keep In Mind

Since 9 is the highest score possible in Baccarat, if your hand totals up to a score of 10 or more, then only the second digit of your score will be taken into account. This means that if you get a hand of 2+5+7, it will total up to a score of 14. But since only the second digit is counted, it counts as a score of 4 points.

A Natural Hand

If you or the live dealer receives a score that totals up to either 8 or 9 on the initial two cards, it's a natural hand. And then you or the live dealer will win. If both of you have the same number of points, it will then be a tie.

Drawing Cards

If the initial two cards total up to a score between 0 and 5, you should draw a third card. And if you get a score of 6 or 7, then you will not be able to draw another card and the live dealer will draw a card, based on a score of 0 to 5.

Drawing Rules for Live Dealers (On Their Two Card Score)
Based on the live dealer’s two card score of 0-2, they will automatically draw a third card. On a 3 point score, they will draw a card if you draw any third card, unless it’s an 8.

With a 4 point score, they’ll draw another card if you draw your third from 2 to 7.

On a 4 point score, the live dealers will draw a third card if your third card in between 4 to 7, and on a 6 point score, they’ll draw if you draw a third card between 6 and 7. Lastly, they do not get to draw a third card on a two card score of between 7 and 9.

Where Can You Play Live Baccarat?

Players can get ready to play live baccarat by logging on to MyBet, Bell Fruit and a few other websites where the game is available in the live casino games category. All you have to do is visit their live casino tab and start playing.

Your Experience of Playing Live Baccarat

Since the high-end game is mostly associated with the VIP sections of casinos, you'll feel like a VIP. Even when you play live baccarat at home. So fasten your seat belts and get set to experience the thrill and excitement of a real casino win with this interesting game where you can be sure to be treated like the ultimate VIP at your homes.

Can you outwit your live dealers by inching towards that magical 9 score before they do?

You can also choose to view the game in a 3D format to enhance the image quality and the richness of a live feeling while playing the game.