novo-history-iconThough Novomatic started in 1980, it took 9 years for it to establish the first proper casino: Admiral Monteux in Switzerland.


When Novomatic was found at the beginning of the decade, it successfully produced its first gaming machines Admiral Monteux, soon after a year later the company expanded around Europe starting from Germany and moving on to Switzerland, Netherlands, and France. The next two years were spent expanding all over the world. In 1984, the company developed the MPU 01 (Micro Processor Unit 01) hardware platform. This was the basis on which all state of the art Novomatic slots were created. In 1988, the company further expanded and this time they aimed for South Africa. On top of that, this was also the year that CSC was deemed a holding company in Switzerland. The major point was reached when the fall of the Iron curtains allowed pioneering activities in more of the European Union nations. Novomatic also opened Admiral Monteux and initiated work on a small scale in Kolin which is right outside Prague in the Czech Republic.


The start of the decade was a major milestone as Novomatic launched American Poker II. The game actually went on to be dubbed as ‘The Legend’ in the gaming world. The company also managed to transfer proper casino equipment in South Africa. That year still did not stop the team; it was laying the foundation for NOVO Invest next. The current Novomatic AG is a result of exactly that. In 1991, Novomatic started working on the Sportwetten GmbH ADMIRAL, which was a pure subsidiary of Novomatic AG. That same year, they also managed to open the doors to the largest casino in the Czech Republic; this was a joint venture of both the Novomatic Casino and the City of Prague. Next year, the demand for gaming machines increased exponentially. To meet these figures, Novomatic built new production facilities in different countries. By 1993, they had major contracts in over 30 nations. The growth of Novomatic Group was further accelerated when the gaming jurisdictions came out. The subsidiaries were developed in Botswana, Namibia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Norway, and Germany. They also worked on a second plant in Gumpoldskirchen. In 1994, Novomatic Group in North America developed the new ASIC (Applied Specific Integrated Circuit) hardware. This was the foundation of the modern generation slot machines which were a little high tech than the classic ones. In 1995, the license for Ontario and Canada was the first license that was awarded to Novomatic. This also led to the development of multiplayer devices and they managed to revolutionize in the AWP sector. The Kursaal casino was then opened in Baden and Davos, both near and in Switzerland respectively. In 1996, after acquiring the shares from ADMIRAL, the corporation successfully listed on stock exchange in South Africa. The foundation of AS Novoloto was one joint venture between AS Eesti Loto and Novomatic AG. AS was Estonia’s lottery company. In the same year, the company also opened Kursaall casinos in Saxon les Bains. The group diversified when they opened the Admiral in Kurpark Hotel in a spa town of Baden, right outside of Vienna. That same year, the company decided to completely reframe and rename Novomatic Industries GmbH as Austrian Gaming Industries. This change was responsible for production, marketing, Research & Development and distribution activities. 1997 brought with it the development of Coldfire Risc Processor casino, the starting point of interactive games. Admiral Foxtown Casino in Switzerland was established too. The next year casinos at two more locations were opened, Stralsund and Heringsdorf, Germany. In 1999, the company opened a fourth plant in Gumpoldskirchen and a collaboration between British Technical Casino Supplies and AGI was made to power the stance of English gaming.


The new millennium marked with it the basis of Entertainment AG and ADMIRAL casinos in Switzerland. The company received a total of 4 licenses that year and opened ATSI’s establishments in Poland as well as the first airport casino in Frankfurt. In 2003, there was a presentation of NMST at ICE, and most importantly, the company engineers developed Coolfire II, a portable casino hardrive platform. The company also achieved a proud milestone that year by establishing itself as the market leader in Estonia. In 2008, the company went on to expand their market in Philippines, and the whole Novomatic website was successfully re-launched.

Post 2010

Novomatic celebrated their 30 successful years in the industry. This was a major year for them, particularly in the virtual world. After they issued two bonds worth 350 million Euros, Novomatic took their first step in the online market through Greentube Group acquisition. In 2011, the company acquired major shares in Empire Games and launched their own Responsible Gaming Staff Training Program. In the following year, Novomatic opened new headquarters in Madrid and came down to the stats of a ground breaking record of 3.2 billion just in sales with around 20, 000 employees all over the world.