Super Dice

Super Dice Mobile

A Blast from the Past

Super Dice Mobile is a simple slot game. But with these sorts of games, simple is always best. It’s incredibly retro and extra fun to play. I know it’s an annoying saying but they really don’t make games like they used to anymore. This slot game was first made by Novomatic as a standing slot machine. It featured in plenty of casinos around the world. When they realised just how popular and enjoyable this game was, Novomatic decided to adapt it for online casinos and now for mobile players! It’s such a vintage game but it’s incredibly fun. The RTP is just under 95% which is pretty typical for older games. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay! The special dice feature gets triggered more often than you think. In Super Dice Mobile, you’ll feel like you’re always winning! It has three reels and not one but two special features! As is common for a Novomatic Mobile slot game, it has autoplay and gamble. Go back in time and enjoy spinning the reels of this vintage game. Other Novomatic games which have a similar, old-school feel are: Ultra Sevens Mobile, 5 Line Jokers Mobile, Multi Dice Mobile and Club 2000 Mobile. You can play all of these games, as well as Super Dice Mobile, here for free. If you want to play for real money, you can select from our recommended Novomatic Casinos!

Super Dice and Other Super Symbols

The super dice feature on the reels. They’re red dice with white number dots, showing double sixes! This is a very special symbol and it triggers a special feature. But what about the normal symbols? The ones that just pay out money. After all, what else is a slot game useful for? The retro nature of this slot game means that the symbols are, too! In Super Dice Mobile, you’ll find all of the traditional symbols that have been featuring on the reels of slot machines since the 1800s. In order of how much each symbol pays out, from the least to the most, Super Dice has: cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, golden bells, grapes, red sevens, watermelons and stars. There are only three reels in Super Dice Mobile, so you’ll need to spin three of a kind to get a payout. They’ll need to land on a payline, with one symbol on each reel. Three of the paylines run horizontally across the reels, and the other two run diagonally from top to bottom and vice versa. You can see these in detail on the paytable. The paytable also explains all of the rules. It also displays payouts (according to your current bet) and details about the special features.

Super Special Features in Super Dice Mobile

Like the other two versions of this game (for desktop and land-based casinos), Super Dice Mobile has two special features. These are the Super Dice Feature and the Cash Unlimited Feature. The Cash Unlimited Feature is pretty simple and rewarding! There’s a symbol that looks like a golden stopwatch. The big golden stopwatch is above the reels, to the right of the logo, and it’s also a symbol that you’ll see on the reels. The big one displays an amount, which changes each spin. This can be hundreds of times the size of your bet! If you spin three of the matching symbols on a payline, you’ll win the amount that’s displayed on the golden stopwatch for that spin! The Super Dice feature is very fun and lucrative, as it gives you free spins that are guaranteed to give you payouts! Whenever you spin three Super Dice symbols, anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger this feature. The game will prompt you to roll the dice to see how many win spins you’ll get (obviously, it will be a number between 1 and 6). Then you’ll play out these spins for a guaranteed win each time!

Other Features in Super Dice Mobile

Super Dice Mobile also has holding reels which make the game even more exciting! Imagine playing a slot game and in one spin, you get 2 out of the 3 matching symbols that you need for a win. What if you could hold them in place while you spin the other reel for another chance to get a win? Well, in Super Dice, you can! You can hold up to two reels for another spin to give yourself the best chance at getting that win. Aside from this unique feature, Super Dice Mobile also has some characteristic features from Novomatic. These are the features called ‘gamble’ and ‘autoplay’. Use the autoplay feature if you’re in it for the long-haul and you don’t want to have to keep clicking. Use the gamble game for a 50% of doubling your payouts!