Kingdom of Legends

Kingdom of Legends Mobile

A Kingdom Filled with Wins and Jackpots

Beyond the reels of this slot game, there lies a picturesque stone castle surrounded by a lush, green forest. Waterfalls overflow into the rivers which lead to the lake, and behind the lake you’ll see a whole mountain range of snow-capped peaks. Although the scenery might look majestic, it’s on the reels where the real magic happens! The King and Queen and all of their treasure, their crowns and their jewels are there to help you get big wins and that humongous jackpot! This whole Kingdom, the mountains, the castle, the royalty, the treasure and the jackpot all now fits in your mobile phone! That’s right: you can now win the Kingdom of Legends Mobile jackpot from absolutely anywhere on your tablet or mobile device. The mobile game is the same as the desktop game, it has five reels, autoplay, gamble, free spins and an RTP of almost 95%. This game will appeal particularly to players of other similar Novomatic mobile games, like: Elven Princess Mobile, Knight’s Quest Mobile and The King’s Crown Mobile, but if you’re familiar with slots basics and you enjoy fairytale fantasy-style games, then you’ll love Kingdom of Legends Mobile.

Symbols That Give Out Legendary Payouts

If you open up the paytable on Kingdom of Legends Mobile, by going to the menu, you’ll find all of the symbols that appear on the reels of this game, along with payout amounts, paylines and the rules of the game. There are two groups of symbols: lower-paying ones and higher-paying ones. The first group are the card values: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, and these have all been designed in a stunning medieval calligraphy-style font and look as though they adorned the covers of some beautiful books with gold-leaf pages. The second group are the themed picture symbols: the bag of gemstones, the treasure chest full of golden coins, the beautiful, golden-haired Queen and the handsome dark-haired King. The King and Queen are both wearing crowns and are dressed in medieval-style clothes, which further adds to this slot’s fantasy-style theme.

Scatter Pays in the Kingdom of Legends

Kingdom of Legends Mobile, just like the desktop version of the game, doesn’t have any paylines at all which is what makes this game super unique! Instead, all of the symbols pay in Scatter. On any spin, if five or more of the same symbol land anywhere on the reels, and we do really mean anywhere, they will pay out. You don’t have to wait for symbols to land on a payline or on consecutive reels, you just need five or more matching symbols to fall in the same spin. Payouts amounts adjust relative to your bet, which you can alter using the settings in the menu. The minimum possible bet per spin in this game is 0.10 and the maximum possible bet is 50.00 per spin. The paytable updates automatically so you’ll know that the figures you see when you open it will be accurate. When you get a payout, you can choose to gamble it and potentially multiply it using the gamble feature. You can’t gamble your wins or adjust your bet if you are playing in autoplay mode, which spins the reels automatically and can be enabled by holding down the spin button.

Free Games and the Jackpot

The crowning glory of the paytable is the royal crown. This symbol is the Scatter symbol and it pays from two or more matches, and from three or more matches, it also triggers 10 Free Games. During these games, one symbol (except the crown) will be chosen as the bonus symbol. Throughout the games, the bonus symbol will stay in place every time it lands on the reels, so towards the end of the spins, you should be getting some seriously big wins with loads of the bonus symbols stuck in place! This seriously helps your chances of getting the jackpot, which you can also win in the normal game but it’ll be easier in the free games, as to get the jackpot, you’ll need to fill the entire screen with matching symbols, so 15 of them in total. 15x the King pays the entire jackpot, and 15x any other symbol will pay out a proportion of it relative to that symbol’s value, i.e. a smaller proportion for lower-paying symbols such as the card values. Check the paytable for accurate percentages for individual symbols. The jackpot is progressive so you’ll see the pot rising with every spin, and the amount is shown at the top right-hand corner of the screen.