Kingdom of Legend

Kingdom of Legend Mobile

An Intense Fantasy-Themed Game

Kingdom of Legend is an intense fantasy-themed slot game from Novomatic that will appeal to any fans of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or for anyone who’s into epic fantasy! The atmosphere of this slot game gets you going right from the very beginning with the epic music that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to an epic fantasy feature film! In this Kingdom of Legend, you’ll see the ruins of some beautiful statues to either side of the reels, and behind is a beautiful scene of a valley in a wild mountain rage, with pine trees dotted around, a lone castle and a fierce sky full of dark storm clouds. This Kingdom is populated by elves, warriors, mages and orks and the game is packed with loads of bonus features that’ll keep you entertained for hours! Let the music pump you up and make you feel as though you’re going off to war, except you’ll be going on a war to win! With five reels, forty paylines and an RTP of over 95%, Kingdom of Legend Mobile is not a game that should be sniffed at. It’s also not very well-suited to beginner players but it will be loved by loyal players of: Book of Ra Deluxe Mobile, Haul of Hades Mobile and Mighty Trident Mobile.

The Paytable of Legend

The game is still colourful but the symbols are designed in muted colours instead of bright ones which just adds to the authentic feel of this slot. The symbols which pay out the least are the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Then there are the two warriors: the ginger warrior with a bushy beard and the dark-haired warrior with long hair and a short, trimmed beard. The highest-paying symbol is the elven warrior who’s a beautiful blonde lady in her armour. The card value symbols need at least three matches to pay out and the warriors pay from two or more matches. Identical symbols will pay out if they fall on a payline and on consecutive reels, with the first matching symbol starting on the far-left reel. There are forty different paylines in Kingdom of Legend, all of which are fixed and therefore always active. Symbols pay out relative to your bet and the paytable shows payout amounts that are current and updated, as well as information regarding individual paylines and the rules of the game. You can change your bet using the settings on the menu and the minimum bet per spin is 0.20 and the maximum bet per spin is 40.00.

Bonus Features in the Kingdom

The Wild symbol in Kingdom of Legend is a mage who uses his magic to help you get wins by substituting for all other symbols, except for the Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel symbol comes in two halves and you’ll trigger the Bonus Wheel feature when you match up the right half with the left half. The reels will disappear and you’ll take a peak down the valley before heading to the Bonus Wheel. This will spin and can land on one of the following stops: a multiplier, a number of free spins or super wheel. If you land on a multiplier, you’ll get your bet multiplied by that number as a win! If you get the super wheel, you’ll head on over to the super wheel where the wins are bigger and you can get more free spins! If you land on free spins, either on the super wheel or on the bonus wheel, you’ll head to the reels where ‘Lightning Wilds’ have been added. These Lightning Wilds are still the mage but his powers have increased! Not only can he substitute for other symbols but he can now summon lightning to copy himself onto a few symbols around him, and increase your chances of a win! After you’ve been given whichever lovely and generous bonus (whether it be a multiplier, a go on the super wheel or some free spins), you’ll get another spin of the bonus wheel, which will now have ‘collect’ stops added onto it, with the other bonus options too. You can keep on spinning the bonus wheel and triggering other bonuses until you spin it and land on a ‘collect’ stop, at which time you’ll collect your winnings and return to the normal game. The last bonus feature which we haven’t yet mentioned is the ork feature. There is a threatening but generous ork in this Kingdom and every so often, during the normal game, he will show up to smash his club onto your screen! He can either give you big wins or shift the reels for you so that the Bonus Wheel symbols align and trigger the bonuses – he might look intimidating but he’s really friendly at heart.