Indian Spirit

Indian Spirit Mobile

Fly Like an Eagle, Let the Indian Spirit Carry You

Indian Americans had been living in America for almost 15,000 years before the Europeans colonized it. There were many different tribes spanning the entire continent, who spoke many different languages and whose cultures were so unique and beautiful that it’s such a shame that many have died out and no longer survive today. Novomatic takes inspiration from Indian American cultures and the spirit of these peoples to bring you Indian Spirit slot game, which can now be played on your phone with this mobile version of the game. In the background of this slot game, you can see the Native American’s homeland underneath a stunning orange and purple sunset sky. The logo of this game is designed taking inspiration from Indian American art and to either side are two traditional spear heads. The sound effects and music of this slot are an intriguing mix of old and new, with some classic Novomatic sounds, such as the clicking reels, mixed with some Native American music which plays whenever you get a big win! The music gets even more intense and themed when the Free Spins start, and you’ll start to hear what sounds like ceremonial music in the background with flutes playing, drums being beaten and traditional chanting and singing which you can just imagine is happening around a lovely, warm campfire.

Symbols That Evoke the Indian Spirit

There are many unique symbols on the reels of this game and all of them evoke the spirit of the Native Americans in some way. First of all, you’ll find the lower-paying symbols which are the card values from 10 to Ace. While these might seem more slot-themed symbols rather than Indian American-themed symbols, they are still designed in such a way that they fit in with the theme. They are all brightly coloured and adorned with Indian American art and jewellery with things such as beads and feathers. Then, as you go up the paytable in value, you’ll find the roaring campfire, the warrior in traditional costume in a canoe, Native American tools and weapons and, finally, the chief himself in a stunning feather headdress. All of these symbols pay from three or more matches (except the chief who pays from two) and the matching symbols will need to fall on active paylines, on neighbouring reels, from the leftmost reel and moving towards the righthand side. Open the paytable to view payout amounts for symbols which are displayed relative to your current bet. You can change your bet by altering the number of paylines that are active (there are 20 in total) and then the bet per active line (from 0.01 to 2.00), and the paytable will update automatically.

Catch Your Dreams, Catch the Eagle and Catch Free Spins

Another two symbols feature on the reels of Indian Spirit Mobile and these are the Wild and the Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol is a traditional Indian American dream catcher, beautifully crafted with beads and feathers. This dream catcher symbol is fantastic as it can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, apart from the Scatter symbol, which helps you catch those big wins! The Scatter symbol is the eagle in flight and this symbol triggers the Free Games which come with dream wins! If you spin three or more of the eagle Scatter symbol, anywhere on the reels, you’ll get 10 Free Games. During these games, the chief and the dream catcher Wild symbol become stacked to give you infinitely better chances at getting big wins. Extra Wild symbols are added to the reels during the Free Games, giving you more substitution power! Just think how big a win you’ll get if you cover the reels in stacked chief and stacked dream catcher Wild symbols!

Autoplay and Gamble

Although this slot might be wonderfully themed, there are also some classic Novomatic features that shine through. These are the autoplay and gamble features that you’ll see on almost every Novomatic slot, mobile or otherwise. Autoplay is great as it lets you play the game hands-off as it spins the reels automatically but it’s a non-customisable feature (unlike with many other developers) which means that you can’t tell it to stop after a certain number of spins or a big win, you have to stop it manually. The gamble feature is great as you can use it to gamble and potentially double your wins (or more!) but beware as this is a 50/50 chance, double-or-nothing feature that you can only use when you’re not playing in autoplay mode.