Happy Fruits

Happy Fruits Mobile

The Slot Where the Fruit is Happy and So Are You!

Who wants to play a slot game and be miserable? No one! That’s why all slots players should play Happy Fruits Mobile and put a smile on their face. The best thing about this game being available to play on mobile is that it can make you happy from anywhere because you can play from anywhere! It’s a bright and colourful slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. There are also so many different bonus features in this game that every time you play will be a different experience as there are so many different games to play which offer unique chances and ways to win. At the end of the day, as well, this is a Novomatic game, so it also comes equipped with their standard autoplay and gamble features. The autoplay feature can be switched on by holding down the spin button and this will start the reels spinning automatically until you tell them to stop! The only things you can’t do while this mode is on is gamble your wins or adjust your bets – but if you’re happy with your bet and your luck then this is a great way to play the game, especially when you are on the go and playing on your mobile! If you’re a player who already has a smile on their face but want to make it bigger, or you’re a happy player who likes to spin the reels of other, similar slot games, like: Lightning Wild Mobile, Lucky Jolly Mobile and Pumpkin Power Mobile.

Happy Symbols on Happy Reels

On the five reels of Happy Fruits Mobile, you’ll soon realise that each and every one of the symbols are happy which means that the reels must be happy, too! The aim of the game is to get as happy as possible by spinning as many matching fruits as you can on consecutive reels and on paylines, of which there are twenty. The paylines aren’t fixed which means that you can have any number of them active. The payouts for winning symbols will depend on your bet per line which you can also adjust easily. Winning symbols pay from the left to the right and the more you get, the happier you’ll be! Have a look at the paytable to view payout amounts that correspond to your current bet. There are 6 ‘normal’ symbols which pay out cash and cash only, and these are the card values: the tickled orange ten, the jolly green banana jack, the chirpy purple grape queen, the perky plum King and the ecstatic strawberry Ace, and then the multi-coloured ‘Happy Fruits’ logo symbol. The card values pay from three or more matches and the logo pays from two or more matches. Another symbol which pays out in cash is the Wild symbol, which is a sparkling golden star. This symbol pays from two or more matches and will also happily substitute for any other symbol on the paytable, apart from the three bonus symbols.

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Get a Bonus

There are three separate bonuses which you can get in Happy Fruits Mobile: the Splat Bonus, the Super Sevens Bonus and the Crazy Streak Bonus. To trigger the Splay Bonus, you’ll need to spin 3, 4 or 5 Splat symbols anywhere on the reels. This symbol is a red and green symbol that reads ‘Pick & Win’. When you spin these, the game will stop and you’ll need to choose one of the symbols to reveal a multiplier. The prize you get will be your bet multiplied by the number you chose – and this number can be anywhere up to x500 your bet! The Super Sevens Bonus will begin after you spin three or more Super Sevens symbols, which is a happy yellow seven on a blue background. For this bonus, you will also get a prize that will be your bet multiplied by a number. This number will be revealed and will depend on whether or not you choose a bronze, a silver or a gold seven and, like the Splat Bonus, the multipliers can be any number up to x500! Lastly, there is the Crazy Streak Bonus and this is simply crazy generous! To trigger this bonus, land three or more golden key symbols on the reels and you’ll be transported to a whole new set of reels. On the new reels, there are plenty of happy fruits but there are also killer tomatoes so beware! Each time you spin the reels, the symbols that you spin will light up meters. For example, if you spin 2 oranges and 1 strawberry, you will light up two oranges and one strawberry on their respective meters. Each fruit represents a unique multiplier and once you spin three of a particular fruit, its meter will be filled and the multiplier will be added to your total multiplier. This will keep on happening and your multiplier will keep on increasing until you spin three killer tomatoes which will unfortunately end this happy game! After all, tomatoes aren’t really a fruit that you’d put in a happy fruit salad now, would you? Maybe that’s why they’re so angry!