Club 2000

Club 2000 Mobile

The Perfect Retro Slot Game

This slot game from Novomatic is the most fantastically retro slot game ever made! It’s just like playing a proper, physical slot machine, except it’s online and now even on mobile! The background of this slot will have you believing you’re in an actual casino and you’ll see other slot machines all around you. Honestly, you won’t believe that what you’re playing is just on a mobile phone screen as it looks just like an actual slot machine. Club 2000 Mobile is the same as the desktop version and it has a base game and a top game. All of the symbols, the sound effects, the features and the music are totally traditional and classic slot machine stuff. Real slots aficionados will absolutely adore this game that sticks to slot traditions and doesn’t add in over-complicated and unnecessary stuff. Players who enjoy playing on physical slot machines at real land-based casinos are going to love Club 2000 which they can now play on their mobile. Other slots players who will enjoy this Club 2000 Mobile slot game are those who enjoy playing similar Novomatic games, such as: Bar 7’s, Hot Chance, Multi Dice and Random Runner 15.

Symbols of the Club

This slot game might be called Club 2000 but there aren’t 2000 symbols on these reels, in fact there are only 11 of them! All of the symbols in this slot game are old-school, traditional slot symbols which just adds to Club 2000 Mobile’s retro vibe. The slot symbols that you’ll find on these reels have been found on the reels of slot machines for decades and only recently have ultra-modern slot developers began making them more fancy and complicated. On both the base game and on the top game, you’ll find the following symbols: cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, strawberries, clovers, grapes, stars, bells and ‘Bellfruit’ symbols. This game works in coins, so your balance will be converted into coins depending on how much you deposit and what you set the coin value as. Wins are paid out in coins and the payouts vary depending on whether you’re playing on the base game or the top game. The bet for the bottom game is one coin and the bet for the top game is 4 coins, and the payouts on the top game are much higher than they are on the bottom game. You can see how much each combination of symbols pays by looking at the information to either side of the top or bottom set of reels.

How to Get into the Club

The base game is a simple 3-reel, 1-payline slot game. The bet is one coin per spin and you’ll need to match up two or three matching symbols on the payline to get a payout, except for the ‘Club 2000’ symbol which has Scatter pays and the cherries which pay from one symbol. Winning symbols will need to fall on consecutive reels from the left-hand reel. When you win in the base game, you can either collect your win, gamble it or put it in the ‘Club Meter’. If you choose to collect it, the value of the coins won will be added to your balance. If you choose to gamble it, simply decide whether you think it’s heads or tails – one will double your win and the other will lose it! You can keep gambling as many times as you like, as long as you keep on guessing correctly! If you choose to transfer your coins to the ‘Club Meter’, you’ll automatically move to the top game. The top game takes 4 coins per spin, so you’ll need to have won at least 4 coins to transfer your win to the ‘Club Meter’. Although the bet might by 4x that of the base game, you’ll certainly get rewarded proportionately! This game has many more paylines that pay in a ‘criss-cross’ so any three matching symbols will potentially give you a payout, however they land. You can transfer the coins from the ‘Club Meter’ to your balance at any time, and once you surpass 200 coins they will be transferred automatically and you’ll head back to the base game.

Extra Features

The Club 2000 logo symbol gives mystery pays in both the base game and the top game, which can vary greatly to match the payouts of the lowest-paying symbols or even up to the payouts of the highest-paying symbols! The bottom game also has a ‘hold’ function which allows you to hold up to two reels per spin. This is great if two reels have spun matching symbols on the payline but the third hasn’t, as it’ll give you an extra chance to get a winning combination of symbols on the payline. You can only hold once and it will cost you the same bet as an ordinary spin but you’ll soon find that this feature can be really useful!