Live Casino

Casino websites have always offered more than extra when it comes to those particular slots. Live casinos are something everyone would like, even users who are not avid gamblers. With the latest trend of playing casino games in real time, you will find that casino websites have gained popularity more than ever. The vast number of online casino websites, other than Novomatic Casino, enforced this feature ever since the inception of streaming videos came out. Live casinos were regarded specialized casinos that went straight to the players’ homes. Today, the term that is stuck is ‘live’ casino and the dealers that you see assisting you with these table games are known as ‘live dealers’. Playing lives games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat all from your home exponentially increases the playing experience. There is nothing that is better known today than the live casino, and there is very little that you can find to criticize about it too. Novomatic’s video streams are top quality; there is the option presented to you of 3D, and on top of that, once you play here, you will admit yourself that it manages exceptionally to deliver the feel and even the look of a real casino.The casinos license latest platforms for their live casino games features. This software is different as it has an exceptional graphical interface. Also, the location from where you are streaming the live game will not be different in terms of what features you are allotted to play.


It is extremely safe to play these games online, without compromising any of the excitement and entertainment. The company takes your financial and personal data extremely seriously, so no worries there, as they have the most effective encryptions for you there. Here are some of the popular live casino games by Novomatic.

Live Baccarat

The main aim of the game is to win close to the magic number 9. There is no higher score than that. In live Baccarat cards like the jack, king and queen have a score of zero. Aces get you one but the rest of the cards go by the face value they have, which is pretty easy to understand. In live baccarat, you get to bet on 3 possible results: • Bet winnings of your hand. • Bet winnings of the dealer. • Bet on the possibility of a tie. If you win your own hand, its evens and the payout is 1:1. If the live dealer wins, it subtracts a commission of 5%. A tie leads you to a pay out with the odds of 8:1.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is a very straightforward game when it comes to table games. The aim is to bet on a number and color and hope it wins. The numbers range from 1 to 31 and the colors are arranged as red and black. When you are betting on the live Roulette game, you can place both inside and outside bets. The inside bets are the ones that are arranged in multiple numbers or either single figures. The bets will also be placed in the table’s inner area. Outside bets have lesser payouts but relatively easy winning odds. If you spin and the Roulette number that lands is the same as the bet you placed then you will collect the payout just as easy. So go ahead and try this game for yourself; it is all luck and pretty fun. It is the perfect starting table game for new players as well.

Live Blackjack

You can play live Blackjack by Novomatic at MyBet and Stargames casino. Blackjack has always been a captivating game, and it does lose its essence if you play it along a stoic gameplay in any game. The presence of the live dealer is extremely important in Blackjack, making this live casino game an entertaining success. The feel and look of the game is enhanced greatly by Novomatic 3D look to the table game. The aim of the game is to get as many points close to 21 but higher than the dealer. If you cross 21, you lose by default. If you get 21, you know that’s a win. The points are dictated by the face value of the cards, with the Ace substituting for both 11 and 1. By requesting a ‘hit’, the dealer serves you more cards and that is how you build up on the number, with one card face up the total sum is based entirely on intuition. Novomatic Casino is extremely popular all across Europe, more than half of that popularity is owed to the incredible casino games they deliver and the rest is due to it being regarded as one of the most secure and fair casinos around.